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Day Sixteen

I went on an expedition on my lunch break and the subject matter I had in mind was all good but the light, foot traffic, etc. were not right.  I didn't get out of work until late and I knew once I walked in the door I would not go back out so I drove around looking and checking previous ideas.  I found another daytime shot (that's 4, I should start a list!) but for an hour and a half I found nothing.  Then, as I took a side street to turn around I saw this image from the opposite side.  It was bad from that side but I could tell this side would be great.  I parked in a suspicious location and made my way to the murky, cringing shadows to take the picture only to realize that I did not have the plate to mount my camera on my tripod for what would be a 6 second exposure..... I MacGyver'd it (sp?) and it worked.  I hope you like it.

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