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Day 17

Back to eHow again, this time with a ten-step article making colored pencil realism relatively easy. I did a pretty small project and focused on color shading, using a 24 color set of pencils so that I don't scare beginners into buying a 72 color set of Prismacolors just to start off with. (Though I recommend a 72 or 120 color set for beginners since it is much easier to choose the right colors in the pencils and shade into near neighbors than to get good results with a small set.)

The article is How to Shade with Colored Pencils and despite my Internet being briefly down, it came back so I could finally post it and this post. :)

More later, and I'll put in an LJ-cut if I post more art. :)

And I just finished another one, How to Draw a Pansy in Colored Pencil -- not one of my most elaborate floral drawings, but cool anyway since it is something a beginner could copy and it again demonstrates mixing colors with colored pencils, shading over colors, doing a value drawing first to get it right. Oh heck I should post the value drawing too:

And this scan also caught the three little patches of the three shades of Col-Erase green that I decided which one to use to outline the leaf during the process. A little more candid than the one in the article. lol

And here's the pretty color one, second of today's color artworks. Three articles (middle one is on picking a cat for personality) and two artworks, er, three or four really since I did a value drawing on the last one too.

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