Robert A. Sloan, author of Raven Dance (robertsloan2) wrote in artsomofo,
Robert A. Sloan, author of Raven Dance

Day 18

Ehow again, with How to Draw Smooth Tonal Layers in Colored Pencil. I rated it Moderately Challenging because that was difficult for me to learn compared to filling areas with heavily burnished colored pencils, but some beginners get that more or less on the first try and have trouble going heavily. So the article is geared to those that have trouble getting soft color from dark or bright pencils.

The art is a huge change from my usual realism, and I was surprised it came out well for what it was. I don't usually like doing geometric abstracts at all, but I needed a design that would work in flat light tonal layers. This challenge is getting me going in so many new directions! Thanks folks!

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