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I want to count this as one day's post. I am behind so it is a couple of days ago's post.

I sang a lot today while at work and driving the car. My voice teacher many years ago told me not to do that. But it is open mike night tonight and I may just sing. It is one of my favorite things to do in the world.

I'm not going to post the singing. Telling you is enough to say I did something very creative today. Actually I worked a lot on technique, so that doesn't count as creativity, but it is part of developing an art, so it counts for me.

I feel a deep sense of peace. Singing does that for me.

The songs I sang are,

Tori Amos- Northern Lad, Pandora, Little Earthquakes

Patti Smith- Because the Night

Working on

Janis Joplin- Try

and parts of other songs.

Tracey Nelson- Down So Low.

I sang my voice to fatigue. Not sure I can perform tonight. But the practise happened and the voice will develop.

Thank you for being with a different art form from me.

Please count this as a post.


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