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Robert A. Sloan, author of Raven Dance

Day 19

Ugh. I've got a cold and slept a lot, went to bed early last night, got up for an hour at about four in the morning, went back to bed, slept till nine, have been drug out all day. But I did another article: How to Draw a Clear Glass in Conte crayon which came out decent, using gray paper this time to show how black and white look cool on gray. I don't think I've done that on these articles before. But I bought the Strathmore Gray Scale pad several years ago and hadn't used it yet, so why not?

I don't know if I'll do any more today since the cold has me so drug out. Kitten's dosing me with herbal tea to try to knock it out and I ate lunch. I think it's "feed a cold, starve a fever" isn't it?

I did an ACEO on leftover gray Strathmore paper from the Clear Glass demo, just cut off the strip at the bottom and then realized I had room to mark up for three ACEOs on it. So this is one and I might do the other two this evening, use up this nice bit of gray paper that I pulled out of its pad:

My daughter Kitten42 went out with her husband HeraldoftheAbyss tonight, and when she came back she brought me an Unbirthday Present: a beautiful Moleskine watercolor journal. I love it. I've envied hers since she brought it home, and hers has done wonders for her art because she does everything from sketches to serious paintings to odd writing and poems and color charts in hers. And every time she draws in it she draws better. She did a lot of Derwent Inktense stuff in hers with the set I got her for her birthday. She totally surprised me with it.

So here's my modest first page of it, the page that got slightly stuck to the buff colored flyleaf that is covered with text. I didn't scan the text page. I might if I decide to make its written contents postable, because there's nothing terribly private on the text page. But right now this is the first part: a color chart for my Winsor & Newton Artist Field Box.

It's given me the idea of putting a painting in next to the color chart, something from nature. My first idea is to go looking in my birds reference for a hawk or osprey and do just the head in close-up, some beautiful raptor in earth tones painted on that page in the space left next to the color chart.

I will probably repost this page on a later day in this challenge when I put something realistic on it. I don't think I want the whole page to be color charts. They can happen when I introduce new mediums into the journal, come in where they do at random. I like having one on exactly the paper I'm using though, because that's how I know what it does to the color and how its texture works. Even different brands of watercolor paper act differently, and this paper is really good paper! I can tell just from how it behaved with the color chart. It also did not soak through even though some of those patches were quite wet before they dried.

I may do some more tonight or not, if I do I'll add them within the LJ-cut. So far even with the cold it's not stopping me from doing a neat botanical, the first ACEO is a tiger lily in colored pencil if you want to click.

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