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Waterwheel cafe; October 19th

George played around midnight so I am putting this one for today and the previous post for yesterday. I am behind so maybe tonight I can get some more complete drawings done of him and post them for other days.

From an 8 1/2" x 11" sketchbook featuring mostly musicians. Not accurate. For practise. George is a studio musician. He mentioned something once about an Emerson Lake and Palmer album. Not sure which one.

He's more of a friend so I don't bring up who he has worked for much in conversation. But yeah he is an excellent musician. He is that level which makes his demeanor onstage very relaxed. He has a strong presence onstage even as a bassist. He told me last night I should draw more and that these guys I draw will be famous and that I should have drawings of them. I draw who moves me. The who will be famous thing doesn't matter. They are all nice and I haven't drawn all who I see. Just who moves me.

But yeah, I have been seeing some astonishingly great guitar playing at this place. I was skeptical at first when I heard of it because I have been around accomplished musicians. But like Wow!I don't know that I can draw everything I see and hear at this place.


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