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MOFOs Day 19 and 20

Backtracking a bit - I'm a little busy lately so just been distracted lol. I've been working on things, yes, but haven't really been documenting. I took some photos on the 19th but they all came out pretty blurry. I only have a few from yesterday... same problem. Shaky! I haven't been sleeping enough lol!

So remember the moths.. I've fixed them fast to canvas now and I'm in the process of painting over them and things... I'm determined to finish them this weekend, so soon! There has been more work done to them since this photo, also.

I collaged some texture to this one and gessoed it over - can't see it very well.. but you can see some of the tape and fabrics i collaged on. I'm rebuilding the composition of the texture, so hopefully this time when I paint it it won't be as much of a disaster lol

I've also worked more on the little ones, but my photo came out really blurry. RIP to one of them - one of my fishies were destroyed earlier today when I grabbed a can of retouch varnish instead of fixative and sprayed it to seal in graphite I had put on it. oops.

And I've been drawing more on the angel grinder. I'm determined to finish this this weekend also, so I'm planning on taking off here real soon and going to the tree house... reference only a handful will get... to work on it.

I know I'm a ridiculous multitasker and y'all are wonder when the hell I'm actually going to finish one of the billions pf projects I started this month - lol! But. I love to work on a whole pile of things, and just randomly work for a few weeks and eventually it all comes together. This is usually why when I post work in my blog, I post clumps of it at once... I'm more productive that way! I donno why. I get a lot done though - it just all gets done usually around the same time. hrm.

When I get grinder done I will work more on previous drawings I started also.... o_________o

Happy Mofoing!

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