Athena Grey (athenagrey) wrote in artsomofo,
Athena Grey

days 20 and 21 - the doll who is the symbol of our inner life

I know I mentioned weaving in my intro or one of my earlier posts. I have been working my way through a woven journey of the self, following the seven keyforms in Susan Barrett Merrill's book, ZATI The Art of Weaving a Life.

One keyform I struggled with for about a month was the doll. I had a hard time expressing myself in this form. I finally was able to create this portrait of the person I will soon be. I put the grey streak in the hair to tell you that I'm looking forward to growing older. I feel good about the journey through the years, because age can be very liberating. As I define myself with more clarity, I also set myself free of others' defintions of me. The blue and purple streaks are both a promise and a poke at conventionality. Will I be a blue-haired old lady some day?, purple, red...whatever colors my heart desires.
Tags: melange_artiste

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