DenimCat (denimcat) wrote in artsomofo,

I think yesterday sort of makes up for falling off the wagon. I participated in 24 Hour Comics day - doing a page an hour, with a result of 24 pages in a single day. And I somehow suceeded. 

This is about 17 hours in. 

DSC03451.jpg picture by DenimCat

It was a pretty amazing experience. I wound up being awake for for 36 straight hours, and I suffered many maladies as a result of this madness. I have three calluses on my hand now where there once was only one, my hand hurt a great deal, etc. At one point I even felt like throwing up, and when it was all over I think I might have actually hallucinated from being so tired. 

It was worth it. :)
Tags: denimcat

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