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Day 20 & 21...

Day 20

Day 20 - Given my state of mind (first cold of the season :( ), I'm not going to be too hard on myself for this one. And it didn't turn out so horribly bad, having a sort of swirly, leaf-in-the-air quality that matches the weather. Well today’s weather at any rate. Yesterday was rainy and blowy and gloomy which matched my mood! I couldn’t just sit down and match the colour of the chair background. Nope. I kept trying to recreate it ON the paper. Yes. A brain dead and less than successful attempt, to be sure, but the main colours used were Quin Burnt Orange (too red!) and gold (folk art paint) though I did try an undercoat of Iridescent Gold (fine) initially. Still not blue enough. But for some unknown reason I just couldn’t bear to break out a blue for this. Which of course WOULD have given me the right colour. What can I tell you?!? I DO like the bubbly texture and swirly effect though more closely akin to Halloween than this chair! *shrug*

Day 21

Day 21 - A clear indication that I cannot divorce myself from where my mind is at when I create. My son had his World Duathlon Championship race today and things were going along swimmingly - I was following along online - when his name/number disappeared after the second bike lap. Still haven’t heard what happened. Hence the words stamped into this piece: "And Time Stood Still". I split the magazine image in three as it was quite large for the paper but I still wanted to include the entire thing. This way it’s more spaced out. A wash of Cobalt Turquoise - simply because that colour had been part of the previous collage and I liked the effect with the black/silver image - then I troweled in some Titanium white adding texture which I washed with black ebony (folk art colour) to bring out the crevices. I tried some washes of turquoise in larger circles within the white band but didn’t like it so I inked the circle & lines added a dot of turquoise then using metal stamps added the words. A gentle scrub of ebony into the lettering and I’m all done.

That's it for the Chair Theme. Next up - BIcycle BIcycle!
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