A man of ruthless compassion (machinarex) wrote in artsomofo,
A man of ruthless compassion

seelie princesses
The Seelie Princesses; Dymphanae & Suighna

the prince
Unseelie Prince; Enlairgh

The prince
Enlairgh, between states

bone girl
Unseelie Court; the Bone Girl

mechan ghosts
Unseelie Court; Ferochai the Jester

Undines Courting

Undines; Asoirug

Undines; Mother Kraken

Mother Kraken Dancing

I'm kinda cramming in a bunch of art-time today, since I know that during the coming week I probably won't have a whole lot of free time...but also, once you get into "that space," why not stay there and have fun??

Part of the fun of doing artwork for me is creating stories in my head...doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes these characters evolve and start taking on personalities...which lead to interactions between them. (psychosis, lol??)

I think I need to find more models, people who I can photograph in different settings and whatnot. Most of these are actually magazine ads/professional models/etc that I've just messed around with.

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