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MOFOs Day 21 - PaintPaintPaint!

Angel Grinder
4x9 inches
Graphite on Paper

Ok first off - finished! As promised. Hung out earlier today in the tree house drawing! The tree house? Ok Monday night I met a guy at figure drawing and we got emailing and turns out he has a tree house! We checked it out in the middle of the night the other day... it was great! I went back today just to hang out and draw since it was just an amazing day here today... probably one of the last few nice days of the year.

Managed to finish up these 3 paintings with the moths - I'll post good pictures of them in a few days - I still need to give them isolation coats, varnish, and hanging fixtures:

I also finished up 2 of the little paintings I was working on. Again, they need isolation coats, varnish, and fixtures but then I'll photo them and put them up officially:

Added more paint to this one.. I' m still trying to figure out what I want to do with the middle portion. I glazed the very top of it purple, also.I'm not sure why. Impulsive I guess:

I started texturing up a new piece.. I did molding paste last night (the bone formations) and collaged tissue paper, and then some fabric and threads onto it:

Lastly... underpainting:

I've been awake since 2 am and have been working my way through the majority of the day. o___o

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