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Jen W

Day 22

This week: BICYCLES (why bicycles? Read here)

Day 22

Day 22 - After the layer of Golden’s Absorbent Ground (Canvas) was dry - thank you, heat gun - I applied a wash of Anthraquinone Blue and Cad Yellow Orange. I glued down the image first and added some partial circles to reinforce the wheel shapes on the right hand side. I scudded in some Titanium White on the left side and dried with the heat gun to create some more bubbly texture. I glued the wordstring ("the hiss of spinning wheels on a blacktop roadway") and did a wash of blue to integrate it into its surroundings. After adding a couple more circles on the right, I troweled in some white as well picking up highlights with blue and yellow on the bubbly parts. Reinforced some of the marks from the original collage at the bottom as well as elongating the wordstring strip of paper. The image was looking sort of lonely so I added some dots and lines to make the composition a bit more cohesive. This is quite a bit brighter than I normally work and I really resisted adding some black or muddying everything with a coat of Quin Gold.
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