Robert A. Sloan, author of Raven Dance (robertsloan2) wrote in artsomofo,
Robert A. Sloan, author of Raven Dance

Day 22

How to Draw an Eye in Conte Crayon featuring a copy of one of Leonardo da Vinci's drawings done by me in sanguine, and this, my self portrait of my own eye from a phone-cam shot.

I managed to get good lighting from the side for the reference photo, sorry I don't have the cord or software to upload the photo too but it wasn't that great other than the eye. I'd have to crop it because my chin cut off half through and so did a lot of my forehead, funny composition on the photo. But that's okay, I managed to get my eye recognizable. So here's lookin at ya!

I love my Leonardo da Vinci sketchbook. It got discontinued. I got it on sale for $10 at ASW and should have bought several, because they'd be good gifts too. But at least I have one. I haven't drawn much into it because I love the first sixteen pages about Leonardo and the reproductions of his drawings, and I want my drawings in it to be good. I should use it more, especially do some pen and ink drawings in it. But if I can stretch it out for years that's cool too. My ratty old Canson Universal Recycled sketchbook is almost filled up now, so I'm replacing it when I get the Yule order placed. Also it's easier to copy the Leonardo drawings into a different sketchbook unless I scan them first.

If you see it anywhere, snap it up. Derwent produced it and it used to be $20, as a book it's gorgeous with a spiral binding hidden in a hard cover with one of Leonardo's self portraits on the cover. I almost sketched his eye for an example, but the young girl's eye was beautiful so I did hers instead.

I also edited the title of the article so I had to redo the links everywhere I posted it, since the URL changed. Just to keep it from being a duplicate of "How to Draw the Human Eye."

I also did How to Draw the Human Mouth in Conte Crayon so did another self portrait, this time of my mouth, chin, underside of my nose, which I keep cropping in different ways when I scan it. I've got three sketchbook pages full of eyes and mouths from doing these articles and none are that bad, except some examples I made of cartoon features and stylized features that look like beginners did them. It was hard to make myself go backward and outline lips, but I did and that worked.

I've got a young friend on DeviantART who reads these articles and was practicing eyes and mouths, so I'm doing this series on facial features for him as well as others who haven't got the knack yet. I think I got most of how I do it out of Jack Hamm's Drawing the Face and Figure -- I wore out two copies of that book and I really miss it.

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