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Been following the discussion but not posting much over the last few days. I spent the weekend finishing up a couple Dia de los Muertos dolls that I mailed out this morning...and also made a few more ATCs. Took some more photos of the neighborhood, and drew/doodled/sketched a bunch. I think there's some discipline and a benefit to posting here, even if I don't put pictures up every day. I am feeling more directed -- I don't procrastinate quite as much. I still have a lot of internal argument with myself about how to proceed, but I am actually DOING something...

Here are my "Orange Catrina" dolls. I sculpted the heads, hands and feet using Sculpey polymer clay. I made the heads over wooden clothespins, then attached the legs and arms to that base. The arms and legs were made from twisted pipe cleaners, and I created bodies by wrapping the clothespins and pipecleaners with cheesecloth. After I finished the dolls I decided to add some more depth by painting with grey acrylic...I think they came out really well. The dresses and hats are all hand sewn. I don't claim these to be very human looking...

Friday's windstorm...Saturday's surviving leaves... Sunday's landfall...Monday hanger's on...



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