kim (flowerkim) wrote in artsomofo,

Day ????

Well, I am still hanging in there but I have not had time to post any pictures. Work has been crazy for me, and since I don't have internet at home I have not really had the chance to keep up with all of you on the posting and the sharing. I have still kept busy each day for the most part. I think I may have missed one or two in there where I worked on home remodeling instead. I have been finishing handmade christmas cards and handmade ornaments to go with them. I started some photo albums that I am making by hand to give as christmas gifts. I did some ATC's one saturday just to play around a little bit with some of the art supplies I own- I have been so inspired to use my supplies from this community! I also did a lot of journaling because working in my journal seems to be what I do when I am just too tired. I will try to start posting pictures again- I skimmed the pictures that I have missed and you guys are all doing some awesome work!

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