Robert A. Sloan, author of Raven Dance (robertsloan2) wrote in artsomofo,
Robert A. Sloan, author of Raven Dance

Day 23

How to Draw Light Colored Hair generated this neat little graphite portrait of a woman I don't even know. I took her from a magazine ad and made some changes anyway, I doubt she'd recognize herself. I think I lopped off about 20 or 30 years just due to not going into her wrinkles much -- but the point of the drawing was her silver hair, and that's its title: Silver Hair.

I might add more later under an LJ-cut, since I still have an osprey's head to draw in Derwent Drawing Pencils that's not for an article.

I had a few problems and had to go over some areas several times, but he came out accurate and bright. His eye gave me a lot of trouble, darkening when I didn't want it to, but I got the bright gold back at last.

And for How to Draw a Nose on eHow, I drew copies of two Leonardo da Vinci sketches. I'm oddly proud of these, they're pretty accurate and I've been drooling at the Da Vinci Sketchbook illustrations ever since I got it, scared to try to copy them and wanting to...

The second one is from the Yelling Guy, who has a fuzzy blank area cutting across his head as if he's going to be drawn wearing a turban or fuzzy hat that's shading part of his face, but Leonardo didn't bother putting it in yet because it was a preliminary sketch for one of the paintings. I love the Yelling Man. He's very intense. I will try to copy the entire sketch sometime, and I may continue him and do something like give him hair or a top to his head or the hat Leonardo left off.

Actually I guess today I got a lot done. Two articles -- hair and nose -- and finished the Osprey, I'm being productive even if not comfortable. And it's time, I can have more pain pills and cough syrup and spritz asthma medicine, all the meds at the same time. Yay and some Vicks on my chest too.

Vicks is good stuff, took till yesterday to find the jar and then it took HeraldoftheAbyss looking upstairs for it where I don't usually go, but he found it and that's helping break up the cough really well. It always does. I think Vicks treats more than the symptoms.

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