Athena Grey (athenagrey) wrote in artsomofo,
Athena Grey

day 23 - a new journal

Designs, charts, notes and bits. I have a small pile of this on my desk. Actually, I have several small piles of this all over the house, but it's the bits relating to my weaving that I want to turn into something. Naturally, I've started a journal for it. You met the real loom yesterday, so this is a step back in the process. This loom shows one warp thread, the red one that helps you find your center.

If I could change one thing, it would be that I should not have run the subtitle over the top of drawing of the loom. It gets muddled. I may try to lift some of the color around the words, just to see if that makes better sense.
Tags: melange_artiste

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