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Day 24

Day 24

How do you work with a photo that you’re ambivalent about? Focus on what you LIKE and "get rid" of the rest! I liked the familial nature of this image - the idea that cycling can be a group activity rather than a nose to the grindstone, pumpin’ it out one (which way do you think MY family views this sport?!?). And of course a ‘poop’ addition is never amiss!

I glued the image down and found a circle of paper that would highlight the threesome, held it in place as a mask and added Green Gold and Transparent Iron Oxide as my 2 colour choices. There wasn’t a whole lot of texture from the ground so I really had to maximize what WAS there.

The embedded circle on the left (my tape dispenser "stamp" once again) wasn’t nearly visible enough for me so I stamped in a smaller circle with Antique Brown ink. I added in some more paint over the image and played with a wavey stamp to lift out some colour, adding to the texture. I then started adding in some Ebony Black for contrast. The image was so obviously added on, I thought I’d play up that fact by adding a thin black line around it, then connected it to the circle on the left. I didn’t want to get picky with centers of circles, so did an eraser print in the middle.

Again, to add more texture spritzed on some walnut brown ink but kept the mask over the threesome. It looked a bit flat, so I added a layer of Diamond Glaze to highlight them and give’em a bit more depth (though not obvious in this photo). In the end, I like how the photo worked!
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