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Day 25
Day 25 - I find I am using a much different palette with this bicycle series. I’m not sure why, though generally a cyclist’s kit is brightly coloured - as much for self-preservation as any fashion statement. "Share the Road" isn’t a priority for most motorists I’m afraid! Anyway. Onto today’s piece…after afixing the image, I contemplated colour scheme and drew on the image itself, using Jacquard Lumiere Olive Green as the base colour and then added Iridescent Copper.

The colour of the cyclist’s helmet kept tugging at me so I mixed up a bunch of tangerine orange using Liquitex Red Cad and Yellow Orange with a touch of Hansa Yellow for the greener side. I troweled that on quite thickly, streaking it across the bottom corner of the image - it was just looking too smug sitting there all angular and square edged. Heh. I I heated the paint and then laid in a plastic grid over top of the corner streak. As I dried it and it bubbled up I realized that I had subconsciously created a tire track. LOVE when that happens! I picked up the texture first with Payne’s Grey then Mars Black.

The orange was starting to grate a bit so I toned it down with a dry brush of Magnolia white (folk art paint). Using the remainder of my mixed tangerine, I diluted it to was over the image. It still looked a bit too stuck out in the open, so I added some swirly marks, doubled to look like bike tracks. Works for me!
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