Robert A. Sloan, author of Raven Dance (robertsloan2) wrote in artsomofo,
Robert A. Sloan, author of Raven Dance

Day 25

Marsh Wrens in sepia Memory(r) brush pen -- a Japanese writing pen.

This did not take long to paint but it took a longer time staring at the photos and getting my head into Asian minimalist art. For one thing I had to give up on perfectionism -- and then I started getting the swooping strokes that were perfect, described the curve of their little bodies just right. It's a strange mental state when I do brush pen painting seriously.

After I did it, I thought about it for a while, went through my references book and found another small brown bird that I thought would come out well in the same style. I'm half tempted to do some ACEOs in this style too, on the off chance someone might like them.

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