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MOFOs Day 25: Yesterday Elsewhere

I spent a while painting today. But. I donno. I just doesn't feel like progress enough to post anything new. I feel like I'm just painting over the same sht over and over again. Rearranging the slightest insignificant things. Driving me nuts. Waste of web hosting >_<. Hating everything. Happens to us all. Cheers n' beers.

I went out drawing with a friend. It was suppose to be a plein airing session, but its cold, and I'm broke, and I don't have money to really afford to be painting plein airs so I just drew.

Drawing in the cold was short lived. But here's my offering: studies of 2 trees, and a dead catapiller that seamed to succumb to the coldness conveniently becides me on the picnic table where I sat. I guess he's a little out of place... feels like he's just floating off in space. I've been feeling a little like that today.

We gave in to the cold and got coffee instead at an old favourite drawing hangout that we hadn't visited since all the university students went home in late spring. It was filled with victims. I'm slow today though. My drawings are a bit more methodical and careful than they normally are. Part of me is hugely paranoid to draw so much... I'm running out of pencils and. Must use them on more important things. blah blah blah. Find a ballpoint pen idiot. Anyway.


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