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MOFOs Day 26: Finally. Some Change.

I did a paint run and then got a bunch of things accomplished at the studio, including re-varnishing the moth paintings I finished before (I didn't like the high-gloss but I'm happy with them not - they were giving off too much glare and were really hard to photograph) and put hanging fixtures on some smaller pieces so I can list them on ETSY and hopefully get rid of some... maybe.. I think my work is too different for ETSY.. I may need to just find some better online avenues for selling work, but then I'm not sure. Ebay is really pricey too which isn't helping.

I've really just been screwing with the top left hand corner of this bloody painting. Its driving me crazy. I hate finishing paintings... I seam to spend so much time just fiddling and rearranging the same things over and over again it seams. I'm just trying to find the friggin' balance - that's all! Think this wouldn't be so hard but it always gets me.

This one I finally started adding colour too. It's pretty bright and happy right now. I'm sure this will change up rather soon and it too will become dark, moody and rather ambiguous too...

These other little small pieces I've been chasing around my workspace while painting on the big ones. I finally got fed up with them and attacked them with Paynes Grey, and smeared a lot of red on the fish. If it's not working, do something drastic I say. So, red and teal seamed like a good drastic decision.

I ended my work session painting with some drawing time. I got tired of moaning about not having any place to sit in my studio (I've been holding out on finding a couch until I get the ceiling in so I didn't have to move a couch around more than I had to while it was in my possession). I raided the figure drawing closet, and my own figure setup stash and made a little cozy corner on the platform in my studio corner.

I am so awesome. Mind you. It will be a lot more awesomer [sic] when I have a COUCH for over there, and some warmer blankets or something :p But this is definitely working for me now.

I started a piece to accompany the angel grinder:


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