Athena Grey (athenagrey) wrote in artsomofo,
Athena Grey

Day 27 - the year turns full circle

I started this volume of my journal about a year ago. One of the entries from last November includes my mother's apple pie recipe, which isn't in any cookbook. It just evolved over the years and I'm so glad I asked her to teach it to me. In mid-April, she died. There are only a few blank pages left in the journal, and it seems fitting to end the year where it began, with a recipe.

I just baked a batch of the Orange Rock Cakes. These are from my grandmother's cookbook, and my mother baked them, too. She added an orange glaze, because she thought the original recipe was a little dry and not sweet enough. Tomorrow is our circle's Samhain observance, and we will share the various foods that our departed ones enjoyed.

This page begins with a photocopy of the recipe, and the rest just evolved. It's a little rough and simple, but I am a bit tired. I honestly thought that I would not have enough energy left for art, but I have invested so much effort in getting to this 27th day of Artsomofo, that I didn't dare give up now.
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