cobaltika (cobaltika) wrote in artsomofo,

october 1


ok here goes...
i have my 30 small paper canvasses and a prepared book of 30 pages ready to go for this month. they will be worked with each evening, after the office day and the dishes are washed. i have also vowed to carry a camera of some sort Every Single Day and use it and post at least one image. i am also going to print the images and insert them into the book. it will all be very random, i'm sure! i have become very flabby about my photography, to the point where i often feel anxious and self-conscious about carrying and using my camera, so this will be a good exercise. i wanted to choose a particular camera, to see consistency in the images, so i have chosen my little Aiptek pencam, which hangs inoffensively from a lanyard around my neck. it shall be my constant companion of the month, although other friends will accompany me, too!

this will be fun!
Tags: cobaltika, day one

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