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The last of the bicycles...

As soon as I saw this image I knew I wanted to include it in this week’s theme - I mean what says "bicycle" better than one built for five?!? Plus it’s one of Hulton Getty’s and I just love his photos. A very wicked sense of humour that appeals to my very warped off-center outlook on life. Because I knew these would fall on the weekend and because I knew I would be tied up for most of Saturday I started these on one day and finished them today. They span both pieces of watercolour paper, sliced lengthwise to even further elongate the silliness. The full-sized pieces are further down.

I looked over the past days work and decided I hadn’t used enough Quin Gold - ironic because I really am forever sloshing it over anything that stands still. Honestly, if you want something to look aged, Quin Gold is your paint.

I did a very pale wash over everything with Nickel Azo Yellow and then went back over with a loose wash of Quin Gold. I heated up the spaces in between each image to bring out some bubbly texture and then decided to add some vertical lines in those spaces as well. I used a black Sharpie, medium and created varying widths. I figured that the horizontal nature of the bike could still use more vertical balance. Too much though, so I scaled it down with liberal coats of Quin Gold, Titanium white and some Mars Black accenting.

Oh so close. I had noticed a circular pattern from the previous collage near the first cyclist’s head and decided to add one with my Pigma .005 pen. What’s good for the goose… so I added one around each guy’s head and connected them all with a dotted line. With all the vertical elements I needed to add a further dotted line about 2/3s the way down across both pieces. And I was done!


Next week’s theme? Hands. And even though ArtSoMofO ends on Wednesday I want a full "set" of images so will continue on through next Sunday.
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