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Day 29 - Hands

Day 29

Day 29 - I’ve got the whole world in my hands … I love the gesture of the hands in this image - caring, gentle yet would allow the earth to fly away if it wanted. I actually attached the image to the bottom right hand corner but as I was working it was much stronger in the upper left - perhaps a nod to early kindergarten drawings?

I started with a wash of Burnt Umber, let it dry then added a wash of Quin Burnt Orange (qbo). I put down some painter’s tape - the old style paper kind, I find it works much better as a mask than the green or blue tape as it doesn’t harm fragile layers of ground/acrylics/paper - then washed some Antique cream (folk art paint) over the whole. Once the mask was lifted, I worked back into the rays with some straight qbo, as well as with some full strength cream on the ‘between beams’. I hold the paper in place while working to keep the edges clean.

I added Mars Black and qbo around the image leading into the beams. I smooshed some burnt umber into the textured recesses then a quick topping of cream. I think this is a really really strong image and a good start to another week.
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