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Day 29

No article this time, just another ACEO floral:

Medium is Derwent Inktense on 140lb watercolor paper, the same last sheet of a watercolor pad I'm finally using up that I did yesterday's strawberries on. It's a 9" x 12" watercolor pad, I liked it, I've used it for everything from color charting to serious large paintings... and now I've marked up eight ACEO spaces on the very last page because it has come to the end.

It's weird, I almost never finish up watercolor pads or sketchbooks of any kind, the last few pages will stay blank for years. I'll get a new one when it runs low and then start using the new one and forget those last sheets. But this time I had only one sheet left, decided to use it... and now I'm doing eight artworks on it, which is itself amusing. I'm having fun with it. Maybe I shouldn't try doing all ACEOs on 4" x 6" watercolor blocks, when I work that tiny it doesn't buckle much at all.

kkitten42 brought in an armful of catnip yesterday that she's drying, and gave Ari his own fresh branch. He's been wandering around stoned all night and all morning, silly cat is having a great time.

I'm not as sure of this one, how I like it. I did the blue sky on it because that little white space didn't look right, but it's very cheery and gardenish. Eh, I'll see what happens with the next five on the watercolor paper. I'm pretty sure I'll do all of these in Inktense no matter what else I do with them. Not sure how many I'll do today but I'll keep posting them as I finish them!

I went on to write and post How to Draw a Lily in Derwent Inktense, which isn't as hard as some I've done. Here's the art!

kkitten42 bought camera batteries yesterday and thoughtfully brought them in from the car this morning, so I got photos! Both of my geraniums are in bloom, each of these shows one or the other in close focus:

Also, kkitten42 got my cat stoned so I had to get his picture stoned...

He looks so sweet in that second one, I had to title it "Serenity."

The tiny little tripod that lilcrabbygal linked me to buy on Amazon turned out to be fantastic. I was able to get those photos with good clear focus by leaning it on various things to still my hand shakes, there are lots of similar shots I haven't posted. I did a little enhancing in the Kodak software to brighten or darken these too, so they're a lot better than many of my older photos.

It's been a creative day all around! Three ACEOs, an article and photos, that's a lot for one day! Maybe I should post one or two of these photos on DeviantART too, not sure whether to do that or stick with traditional art there.

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