Athena Grey (athenagrey) wrote in artsomofo,
Athena Grey

day 29 - she handed me a tulip

This was a difficult image to produce, both technically and emotionally.

Bringing together an overexposed, old polariod image and a richly saturated, modern digital image, is not easy. Each needed to have certain details preserved, like the wavy edge of the old print, and the here-and-now feeling of the foreground.

I had to create a sense of passage, past to present, of contact made through the Veil.

I also had to face every my worst creative nightmare, having fully actualized the image in my imagination, rather than surrendering to the flow of the work as it progresses. There were more layers in my imagined view, documents in the background, titan buff paint obscuring certain details. Instead, I decided to focus on the message itself, rather than try to explain the symbolism.
Tags: melange_artiste

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