coffeelatteme (coffeelatteme) wrote in artsomofo,

Still in the midst of turmoil over finding housing for my son...but less stressed out than I was last week.  We have a 2 week 
extension until he needs to be out of his apartment...

I actually did a lot of art over the weekend, but haven't got pictures transferred to my computer yet.  Here's a shot of the
local landscape that I took Sunday morning, and doodles I've done.  The princess is a design I'm working on for a 
doll that I'm making.  The flower and heart girls are drafts for ATCs with that theme.  The cat is a memory of my
sister's cat, Lillian.  And the skull is just another Halloween/Dia de los Muertos thought...

I finished two 4x4s over the weekend -- pictures to go up later today.  Also finished four ATCs, pictures to follow.  And the
princess doll -- I am really happy with how that is coming along.  It's sculpted with polymer clay & another pipecleaner
body (like the skeletons).  It's ultimately going into a glass jar as a sculpted captured fairy, and then going over to the UK
as a gift to a friend.  I have had a lot of fun decorating the jar, too...Not ready to take pictures of the fairy yet...


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