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Day 30 - Body Transparent

Day 30
Day 30 - In contrast to yesterday’s image of ethereal freedom, this one is definately about "constraint" - physical or pyschological is your choice of interpretation. I used a combination of Iridescent Copper (fine) and Metallic Copper from Modern Options for the base and then patina’d.

I added the eyelets prior to the patinaing process so they’d blend a bit more with the background. Mars black and some more iridescent copper to pick up the bubbly texture. I used copper wire woven in the eyelets to reinforce the chain/shackles in the image.

The bottom still needed a little something extra and I added some marks with my trusty Pigma pen (.005) but didn’t like them and wiped off with a damp cloth. I reinforced the left hand corner with the pen and I liked that. Then thought some words would work. I sat with my box of cut-ups until something jumped out at me. A piece of text from a book on entymology, it was "the body is transparent" part that spoke out, hence my comment about physical or pyschological constraints. A wash of watery copper and mars black sloshed on and wiped off quickly to blend the paper and Day 30 is done.
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