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Day 30

Is it really almost over? I'm going to miss posting to artsomofo in a couple of days, it's sad. I can always come back and look over all the cool things everyone's posted and click on names to follow back to your journals. Hopefully I won't be the only one keeping up drawing every day or at least making some kind of image. I might be posting a few doodles, but I'm going to keep on. This has taught me so many things, including how much better I write if I draw every day. I need that art time to relax and get less obsessed, less perfectionistic, more freewheeling and experimental.

There are so many new things I want to try that I've seen y'all do.

I don't know how y'all feel about it, but maybe we can make this an annual tradition like NaNoWriMo is. Or keep it open year round for whoever's still posting -- maybe not every day but at least trying to art something weekly?

Here's today's: How to Draw a Sunflower in Pen and Watercolor in an easy style lots of my friends on Jackson Square used, the "do it yourself coloring book" style. Easy enough a beginner can do it from a tracing.

LJ itself is in a different time zone, it's only 9:30pm where I am in Kansas. It says it's after midnight and today's the 31st... but I did not want to make this a different entry. Time enough for that tomorrow, but I know to post relatively early in the day.

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