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Day 31 - final official day of artsomofo

Day 31

Day 31 - Decided to change the shape of the image by cutting it as a circle, keeping the focus squarely (heh) on the pointing finger rather than on the elastic about to be let loose. I decided on Cad Yellow and Payne’s Gray as my 2 main colours, creating a wash of yellow on the right blending into gray on the left.

Keeping with the circular theme, I used sequin waste to overlay the texture on the wash backround being careful to mask over the image, fading from a light gray on the right to a darker, full pigmented gray on the left. Once dry I then over lay the sequin waste again and added some yellow to the right hand side circles only. I faded the yellow to Titanium white on the right as well.

I thought I’d like some text and used a transfer of handwriting but for the most part it didn’t work though you can still see some faint traces on the right hand side which I rather like. While quite a bit simpler than my last few pieces, I like how this one turned out. But then, I AM a sucker for circles!

Well done to all of you who managed to create something every day this month. I've thoroughly enjoyed looking at your work, following along on your journey. I'll miss the daily eye candy. As mentioned before, I will be continuing on this series until Sunday so I'll have a full set of 7. If you want to see the final pieces, please don't hesitate to friend me. xoxo
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