Athena Grey (athenagrey) wrote in artsomofo,
Athena Grey

day 31 - the end

This is where I am supposed to write something profound about the artsomofo experience. OK. Ahem.

Like many of my endeavors, completion and sticking to the programme were NOT what this was about. Community is what it was about. We were on a common journey, and we told our stories and kept each other going over rough ground.

I am weary from the daily aspect of this. Some of my days, like yesterday, are simply too long. What I will carry on the homeward journey is a renewed desire to journal. I have made peace with my journal and my self, and worked through some difficult feelings. Today's entry completes my eighth volume. 8 1/2 (an odd extra journal from last spring) has only one blank page, reserved for an entry about home. I think it's time I finish that journal also.

Before I turn back to my own slightly dusty and neglected LJ, I want to let you know that I appreciated your company very much. You've inspired me to try different techniques, and you have sustained me with your enthusiasm. Thank you.
Tags: melange_artiste

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