Mandy Jordan (junquegrrl) wrote in artsomofo,
Mandy Jordan

Day 1 - "Begin Again" journal page

Begin Again - journal page
Originally uploaded by junquegrrl
Here's my opening foray into October - a journal page in my old Lab 555 notebook (which I am going to get involved with again, btw). I am on an art-supplies fast, so everything is and will be made from crap already in my studio. It won't be much of a hardship - I have an embarrassing hoard of stuff. Anyway, I like this because I am letting go of my perfectionism when I admit that every day can be a new beginning. Also, there was a "fresh start" feeling to tearing up the old blotter paper on the table to use in this (and other) artworks. Now my table really is CLEAN and ready to receive inspiration...
Tags: day one, junquegrrl

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