October 1st, 2007

Welcome to DAY 1!

Are you ready?
Get set!

It's day one of our mofo-madness and, I have to say, I'm extremely excited to get going this year! How about you? We're a pretty large group this year in comparison to year one and year two, so this is going to be a busy community! A few points to remember, please:

  • please use the lj-cut when posting large images and long text entries
  • if you don't have time to post images, a text-only entry is just fine (remember, you can go back to your entry later and add the images)
  • HAVE FUN! This isn't about finishing your art or competing with others in the group, it's about "art-ing" daily

    We're looking forward to everyone's participation!
    Have a great day!
  • october 1


    ok here goes...
    i have my 30 small paper canvasses and a prepared book of 30 pages ready to go for this month. they will be worked with each evening, after the office day and the dishes are washed. i have also vowed to carry a camera of some sort Every Single Day and use it and post at least one image. i am also going to print the images and insert them into the book. it will all be very random, i'm sure! i have become very flabby about my photography, to the point where i often feel anxious and self-conscious about carrying and using my camera, so this will be a good exercise. i wanted to choose a particular camera, to see consistency in the images, so i have chosen my little Aiptek pencam, which hangs inoffensively from a lanyard around my neck. it shall be my constant companion of the month, although other friends will accompany me, too!

    this will be fun!

    slipping in the door at the last minute

    Hi Everyone!

    Declare me insane, but I just made a last minute decision to join this project.

    I will be art-journalling, weaving and maybe even drawing my way through the month of October.

    I know myself well enough that I will NOT be creating a complete work of anything each day. My goal is to make some time for creativity each day. The biggest obstacle I have to daily creativity is that I have a few LOOOOOONG days in the city each week, leaving home at 7:30AM and not returning until midnight. I guess I can sketch on the train.


    READY? SET? GO!!!!!

    Originally uploaded by junquegrrl
    The results of this weekend's endeavors: the inky, painty scrap paper I use as a "blotter" confuses the eye, but this table is really CLEAN. And the drawers? LABELED. Even the stuff in jars and mugs is sorted by type. There is more workable space on this table than EVER BEFORE and all my supplies are within reach. WATCHOUT, I might even make something :-)
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    We are "off and running" on ArtSoMoFo 2007!!!! If you have been "saving up" you artistic energies, as I have, you should be raring to go today. I will be excited to experience a burst of creativity myself and to see the results of same from each of you. I look forward to today's postings to see if you have been able to Art Something MoFo!!!! Have fun and let those creative juices flow!!!!!

    Day 1 - "Begin Again" journal page

    Begin Again - journal page
    Originally uploaded by junquegrrl
    Here's my opening foray into October - a journal page in my old Lab 555 notebook (which I am going to get involved with again, btw). I am on an art-supplies fast, so everything is and will be made from crap already in my studio. It won't be much of a hardship - I have an embarrassing hoard of stuff. Anyway, I like this because I am letting go of my perfectionism when I admit that every day can be a new beginning. Also, there was a "fresh start" feeling to tearing up the old blotter paper on the table to use in this (and other) artworks. Now my table really is CLEAN and ready to receive inspiration...

    day 1

    How this is going to unfold for me, I think:

    I really need to get back to the basics of drawing with a pencil. I do a lot of collage and page layout work, but not much else. This is going to be my treat. Still life. Cats. The backs of people's heads on the train. Whatever. I'm starting with things on my desk. Today a pencil...and room to keep going on the page until I've had enough with this subject.

    This is fun.

    Day 1

    Hi! Okay - I cheated a bit, and worked on something I hadn't been working on for a while, you can tell its actually kinda dusty. *blush* Anyway, it will eventually be the cover of The Beatles album Help! although The Beatles will be pretty abstract, since it's cross stitch and all. 

    I may not post tomorrow, but will post twice on Wed. :D 

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    • camkin

    day 1

    i finished this layout pretty quickly.
    (only 10 years after he graduated...hehehe!)
    i'm not completely thrilled with it and i didn't get to use some of the embellishments that i bought.
    but it isn't completely horrible and now it's time to repeat it 2 more times.
    besides, i can still use the embellishments on my graduation pages.
    • axlsart

    Day 1: FAIL

    I spent all day at my studio working to set it up, but did a life drawing session in the evening. I recently got a new-to-me computer, and the new set-up is preventing my scanner cord from reaching my old power bar, so I bought a new one today. However, I left it at the studio, so I have nothing to scan my drawings with.

    Everyone looks really productive so far, though! Exciting! This year looks like it will be really good already!