October 2nd, 2007


quick sketch

Yesterday on my way home, in very busy rush hour traffic, I tried calming my insides to find a quiet place within me. Stopped in traffic, I spyed crows rushing up from the harvested corn fields. the light here is golden, soon it will wane to paleness. A orange train lumbered through foliage just starting to turn. bookended by a stream of cars and the train cars, autumn was still and crisp. I found stillness. I only had to look away from myself and put myself back in the moment.

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I actually did this sketch this morning. Last night I spent 4 hours on Martial arts a completely different type of art all together.

Day Two

A little digital revisitation of an older piece...

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I missed the first day because of getting back from travelling, but I'm hoping to stay on top of this project! I tend to work mostly in 3D, but picked up a small sketch book and some pens that I can toss in my backpack so I can work on the plane/in the car. (those of you who know me from elsewhere know I spend an inordinate amount of time in one of those two places)

Kinda looking forward to getting back in the habit of drawing/sketching again...it's been years since I did it on a regular basis.

Day One

I don't have internet access at home :( so I will be a day or so late on most of my posting. Last night was crazy, but I did manage to paint a bit on a project I have in progress. This is a box that another artist gave to me and I am using it to hold my next journal. This is the outside of the box- not finished yet. I have barely started sketching the cover for the inside of the box- plan to work on that some tonight and post an in progress picture of that tomorrow. It is an acrylic painting on wood.

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Day two

Here's another page from my art journal:

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I decided to grap an envelope full of randomness and work only from that. It was an interesting challenge, not to mention a nice one because I forgot I had all of these goody envelopes from ancient nervousness.org swaps! ::smiles::
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day 2

i finished another scrapbook layout today.
(sorry no photo today. maybe tomorrow)
i need to print some more photos for future pages.

i think tomorrow i will work on something different,
while printing out photos.