October 3rd, 2007

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MOFO Day 1: Lets try this again

ok I'm officially going to be 1 day behind on this thing with posting. Hopefully I can keep to morning updates when I get a little more organized. anyway. Yesterdays figure drawings:

10 & 15 minute drawings, including the 1 minute gesture "blob"

+ 2 20 minutes and 30 at the end.

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Day Three and still going....

 Although I hadn't posted any pictures yet, I've stayed on track doing an explosion pastel of a pansy on Monday (I call it PAANSSY!) and a simple contour portrait of my nephew .  Yesterday I tried and failed at posting, so I'll try posting my PAANSSY! picture here......  
Anyway, I feel O.K. about it.  Today, I'll photo yesterday's drawing along with todays (I'm planning on doing a orange butterfly, don't worry, It's not as cheesy as it sounds-there's a story behind it!)  and hopefully I'll be able to stay caught up this way.
Have a great day and go art something.....

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I hope I am posting these the right way...

Here are pictures of some of the line drawings I did on Day One, and the project I worked on last night.  I am making 12 of these decorated large bottlecaps as Halloween gifts for friends and co-workers.  I also did some drawings in preparation for tonight's art.  I completed four drawings for themed ATCs using Rodrique's "Blue Dog" styling.

october 3


i may not obligate myself to post artwork tonight, as my "art" will probably only consist of gathering a tiny box of materials for travelling to texas for a few days to visit mi familia. i *will* be art-ing and i *will* be snapping away daily, but no posting until i return next week. i won't get kicked out will i? *sniff*

so far, this is very much fun, such a good exercise, and i am enjoying everyone's work, *really* admiring drawing, which is the most amazing thing to me, and am thankful for such nice comments. bye!

Day Two

Last night I had to visit a friend, so I just worked a bit on the cover for the journal that will go inside the box I posted yesterday and then when I got tired I did some beading while watching tv. The journal cover does contain nudity. The journal cover is canvas board with acrylic. The cross pillow I sewed from felt and lace and I am beading with a variety of beads.

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MOFOs Day 2: Doodling and Backbreaking Labor

Spent most of yesterday in the studio. I built a storage bin for my large canvases, and took a pic, but my camera ate them. lmao. But last night after updating, I did do some drawing. I've had some going that I started a week or 2 ago to keep myself sane (I haven't been able to create! Going batty! So, drawing was my fix) and I worked mostly on this one:

There's 2 more that I'm working on also, but not much happened to them late night. I'm posting them anyway though, since I'm going to develop them more, and the one with the skull is itching for a serious date with an eraser! lolol

Cheers y'all!

Days 1 - 2 - 3

... life conspired against me to post these so I will play "catch up" now.

Day 1

I apologize for the poor image quality in "Day 1". I'll take another tomorrow. The gist of this project, for me, is to have a collection of art made concurrently. So I previously prepared the substrates by cutting up a bunch of collages (ironically done for a similar challenge on artbytheinch 2005. some I sold. these remained.) on watercolour paper.

I roughly gessoed over the collage then added a layer of Golden's Absorbent Canvas ground on top of that. I inlaid some mesh for texture - sequin waste and plastic fencing. These were then ready for my current additions.

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I am in my home and for the first time since I have moved here the air is clean. I cannot tell you how much of a nightmare a restlessness while being here has put my life in turmoil. I could never put a finger on what made me not be able to stay put in one area or another in my house. So, the very purpose of what I want to do in my home didn't happen. Somehting was wrong. I thought their was something mentally wrong with me but that didn't make sense as I have a strong mind and survival way. It didn't make sense. Last night I tried to FORCE myself to make art for artsomofo without getting up to get out of that room where I had set up to do work. I suddenly realized that maybe it was actually crazy instead of sane to force myself to keep put and draw. Up until yesterday I thought it was a self discipline problem that has been plaguing me the last seven months of my life. The odor problem as a danger sign was hidden enough to make me not realise what was going on with me artistically. I seriously thought I was a lazy good for nothing. I thought I had adult ADD or whatever. But that didn't make sense because I have a history of being able to focus on my art and work at it for hours and hours.I got stern and had the problem fixed in my home. I was slowly dying. The air is clean and now I can do art in one place without getting up. It may be past midnight, but I will get a work of art for here that will be made in one siting just like I did for you guys last year. Please be patient with me while I go through a recovery period.
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day three.

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These are just a few sketches done for my graphic design class. We're creating our own currency. Mine is based on communication technology, inventors, and the very basis by which these inventions operate. Hopefully these portraits will be used in some way, shape, or form
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Day Three

I wanted to say a bit about this piece in advance....
a) what drew me to it was the line of the guardrail on the right half
b) then I noticed the complimentary or opposing swoop to the freeway on the left half
c) then I noticed how painterly the right half looked while the left half looked more photographic

also... I apologize for monopolizing space.  I would put these large images "behind a cut?" but I'm new here and don't know how.

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day 3 in words

Day 3 was one of my long days in the city. Meetings all day. Got to spend time with my Glitter Sister™ in the evening, which guaranteed a late night home, and in fact I got home well past midnight. So I am backdating this.

Lunchtime found me still noodling around in pencil, making a rough sketch for a Goddess Brighid painting I want to work on sometime. I didn't care for the results, but it was my daily treat of art, and now I know that I must decide between giving the piece an early Irish manuscript feel, or doing something more dynamic.