October 4th, 2007


Oh you mean I have to post?

Hi all. This week I've been hanging in there.

Tuesday I took fall photographs, then left my camera at work.
Wednesday, we got through all but 25% of the bedroom flooring project. I'd show you, but my camera is still at work.

Its been foggy in the mornings here, perfect for using my camera, that is at work. ha!

I'll bring it home today and start posting pictures.


Day Three

I have had a bad week at my house. Our dishwasher was leaking and I have a major disaster area in my kitchen now that I have found this out. We spent most of last night after work tearing out rotted, moldy flooring. By the time I sat down last night all I could manage to work on were some christmas cards. Each year I send out 35 handmade christmas cards and handpainted ornaments.
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Day 3

Here are some more dogs I drew/doodled yesterday.  These are more designs for the Blue Dog ATCs I'm working on.  Yesterday I also worked more on my bottlecap Halloween project.  I hope to post some pics of those tonight or tomorrow morning.  Here's three dogs done in ballpoint pen...the first one is somewhat based on my Cardigan Welsh corgi.  I'm going to use these designs to make ATCs that I will either paint or enhance with colored marker.

A Grouped Compliment

I am a litle pressed for time and am behind in sending compliments and well wishes. I just browsed throught the last two days of art quickly. I have to say the art all of you are posting is absolutely awesome.

I have a promise to myself to post good words to all of you personally and I will.

You guys are great!

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MOFOS Day 3: Cleaning the Ritual Circle

My day yesterday was pretty busy, and very productive. Maybe didn't look too productive on the production end of things, but I got a bunch of stuff done that is important to creating more!

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So I worked on a few things yesterday, but only got pics of the 1 thing that looked like it changed the most. I was doing touch up work on a plein air I did a few weeks ago, and was going to post, until I accidentally smeared a lot of paint off of it :D I also varnished a bunch of miniatures so I can store them away finally.

I'm trying to revamp and rework older works that just didn't work out. This piece I'm posting almost made it into my exhibition in August, but here was something not just quite right about it and I was unhappy. I love the colours, and the composition, but was really unhappy with the fossil. I carved away at it using a linocut tool, and started to reshape it with molding paste. It takes a while to dry, so I left it alone for over the night.

Anyway. Today I'm going painting on a lake. Its still pretty warm here for October, so I think it will be really nice!

Happy Painting!

Day Four: Mofo Madness!

Here's what I did today:

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It reads: Sometimes the act of creating art makes me feel invisible. I don't know why.

Seriously, I *don't* know why. It's a mystery. That's okay, though, because aren't artists supposed to be brooding and mysterious? I don't know if I'm very good at the brooding part, but I certainly can pull off being mysterious. ::smiles::

Day Four, Fairy Cakes and Flowers

 Well, the one thing I did learn today is that taking a picture of a fairy cake isn't as easy as one would think. Especially when you whip out your digi cam at the office and your backdrop becomes your cubical. But this was my attempted effort to photograph a faircake in the midst of office antics. 

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For Day Four I worked on my mixed pieces again. It will be a set of 3. I'm going to use it as a submission to an art show in November. This will be the last digital editing and I will be off to a canvas to play. But, I also considering using wood instead of the traditional stretch canvas. I haven't quite convinced myself of it yet...
But, for your Day Four viewing pleasure... and


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For day four I went a different direction.  I'm sure some of you will probably still see my eye in it but the subject matter has a deeper meaning to me.  View the image first then read the spoiler if you so choose.

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Once you've viewed the image and want the story behind it
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Day 4

Continuing with my shoe theme:

Same background as previously mentioned - old collage gessoed, a coat of absorbent canvas ground with embedded textural elements - swishes of blue (can't think WHICH right now!) fluid acrylic and copper iridescent with a smidge of payne's grey for contrast. Adhered the image then used copper eyelets on top and bottom. But it didn't look finished so I added the leaf stamp in denim ink. And *that* didn't look finished so I added some black sparkle embossing powder (*sheesh* I'm all about the sparkly these days! whoddathunkit?!) and it was getting closer. So I decided to add cross-stitch to the sides of the image with copper wire - oh! so close. The circle and arrows (these crop up a LOT in my work!) did the trick. Voila! Day 4's a wrap!

Yesterday and today......

So, I'm trying so hard to do this art so mo fo every day thing.....; just moved back to the states from the Virgin Islands from 7 years ago, so there are still some hoops to jump through in order to REALLY, REALLY be here.  Yesterday I went to get my car registered and was told I could not have a tag without a GA driver's , license  so I had to complete a written and driving test; NICE!   But I SCORED and here I am agian!  Anyway, I'm sorry cause it's just a bit of something/shing but it IS something never the less!
If you saw my previous entry, you'll know that I was planning on a butterfly for my entry.  Here's the reason; I had a quadraplegic/musician  brother who died 22 years ago this week.  My Mom had an interlude with an orange monarch that brought to mind my brother's spirit.  Since then,  anytime I see an orange monarch I feel the presence of my brother.

Oh and this may be SO LAME but I plan to do 19 orange butterfly pieces because he was 19 when he died and he was my soul twin

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 Well, I haven't managed to draw anything yet today, due in part to the large chunk of time I spent trying and finally succeeding to frame my father's birthday gift. The first frame I got, the glass managed to break. It was a a major hassle. I'll have to either draw something quick or finish after midnight. 

In the meantime, I thought this link might be helpful - I'm sure some of you have already seen it, but there's this art challenge going around where you draw something based off of a hundred prompts. The link to the DA group for it is here. http://100themeschallenge.deviantart.com/ Thought it might help some people with ideas and inspiration. :)
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day four.

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My relief print, which I have been working on for over a week, is still not done. My only solution is to finish cutting on Sunday(when I should be printing it, as it is due Monday at noon). The finished product will be up some time around 11:30PM Sunday.