October 5th, 2007

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MOFOS Day 4: Going to the Beach in October

I try and do some plein air every week, to keep me on my toes (same with figure drawing). Its a refreshing escape from working in the studio all the time, and it is good opportunity to get some fresh air and sunshine (not to mention, keeps me from working all night and gets me out in the day time lol)

We're having unseasonably warm weather here, and so we took off to Port Stanley, about 40 minute drive from where I live, which is located on Lake Erie (Great Lakes)

It was foggy!! Blasted! I took a trip out on the Atlantic coast earlier this summer, and painted nothing but fog, so it was a bit of a laugh to show up after driving through miles of beautiful, sunny weather, only to get to a foggy lake.

Towards the end of my painting, the sun did start to burn off the clouds and you could start seeing the horizon, and some blue sky peering through.

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Day 3 & 4

This morning I got out my newest board book, but found I'm still battling that "perfectionistic" thing.  I remember when I was younger I could just cut out pictures and paste them down and not put so much thought into it.  The last couple years I have really struggled with wanting everything to "work the right way".  So I collect piles of images and have all these ideas scribbled down, but can't seem to go forward sometimes without over-thinking things.  I REALLY want to try and get back to working in a less structured way.  That's a big part of what I hope to accomplish this month -- just doing something rather than procrastinating or agonizing about every detail...

Last night I finished up some more bottlecap ribbons and actually colored some of those Blue Dog ATCs.  Here's a "Blue Merle" dog and one ribbon.  The ribbons are great fun -- I've used quite a few scraps and feathers from old Halloween masks that I've picked up in past shopping sprees.  I used those Copic markers that my son left here when he moved out to do the ATCs.  I'm not sure I like how those marker handle -- or, at least, I need to get used to the flow of the ink.  They do seem to be really good matches for this particular set of ATCs.  

Oh no!!!!!!

 Hello Everyone:
     All this time I thought I was posting my entries to you.  Only to find out (through my friend Diana) that I have only been posting to my blog.  As my companion would say, "Du bist so blurred!"  Which means "You are so stupid!" in German.  Actually, I take no offence in it, it is a long story...  Will try to post my last two entries.  I was wondering why no one commented on my postings, duh?  Missed yesterdays posting because I ruined my blending stump, now what do I use?  I thought I could peel away a layer, you know like one of those pencils that has the string.  So, will try to get a post in later today.  Hope someone gets a laugh out of this entry, I know I did!

Be well,
CrystlMgck (aka "m")

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Intoduction, Day 2, 10/02/07 entry

Hello Everyone,
Very excited to join this group. Sorry, I did not contribute yesterday but will honestly try to make an effort everyday.
Allow me to introduce myself and tell you all a little bit about myself. I am the mother of four grown children and a grandmother of two. I grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania and took art lessons as a child at the Erie County Art Museum as well as attended an arts and crafts group. Art, to me, has always been a part of my life, as a child, (as I just stated) as a teenager, (I would carry my art supplies with me and draw while babysitting) as well as when I became a parent (my children and I would do different craft projects as a family). I still have Christmas decorations that we made as a family when they were very young.
But, over time, it seems the monotony of everyday life has gotten to me and I do not seem as inspired as I use to be. I am hoping that through your art and your inspiration I can find that that I've seemed to have lost for the time being. So, please bare with me.
Don't know if you would exactly call this art, but I liked the way the lines of light and dark formed on the shades. Until tomorrow, be well.

CrystlMgck (aka "m")


Day 2 of Day 3 (for me that is), 10/03/07 entry

Hello Everyone:
Hope you are all having a good day! Tried to draw a wishing well that sits in the front yard. My companion built it, think He did a better job of building it than I did of drawing it! Still, haven't gotten the concept of space on a page, maybe I will have better luck tomorrow. Be well.

CrystlMgck (aka "m")


Following along at home.

I realize that I don't know anything. I used to have studio space with friends, but that was twenty years ago. There might be new products available now. People in this community are working in such a variety of ways that I'm stunned and inspired.

I've gone from thinking I'd watch the community, to thinking I could do one piece per day, to thinking "Screw it, I'm going to spend October on art."

One of the things I don't know is how to upload photos on LJ, but yesterday I did a sketch with oil pastels and the previous day I did a little picture in colored pencils. Those exercises left me feeling like I want more COLOR.

I want to invest in some materials but I'm not sure what I should be going for. I want something, probably paints, with a rich texture and vibrant colors. I can't use oils because of the drying time. Are there different types of acrylics I should look for? Are there other media that are good for making a mess with vivid colors?

Help me, please! I'm tired of this comfort zone. It's so stuffy in here.
2013 Nano Winner

Today's drawing!

Today's art for the challenge is my final project illustration for an article at http://www.ehow.com on "How to Draw with Oil Pastel."

"Camellia" by Robert A. Sloan
You can also see this at my DeviantART account where I've got a lot of prints available. Every time it comes out something cool like this I'll also post it at dA.

I love the idea of this group. Forgive the length of this entry, I'm catching up here for the previous four days too. After this I'll just post one at a time, and pick the best one or two from any day I did multiple drawings. When I get going with Conte crayons, charcoal, pastels or oil pastels sometimes I wind up doing a lot of fast drawings.

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There -- I fixed it, you can click on my previous images or not as you please. I didn't draw anything on the first of the month, but then, I didn't know about this challenge either or I would have at least done a scribble.
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I just found this community.  I had set a challenge to do a page or spread in my visual journal (collage work) every day this month so this is perfect.  I will share these with you as well as be inspired by all the great work here!

This is today's page.


MoFo'Ness: Day Five

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It reads: Simply . . . truth.

This is another one of those "use what you have or else" mixed media paintings in my art journal. I'm going to make another one either later tonight or first thing tomorrow. That challenge is going to be to open magazine twice, each to a random page. Tear out the page and, no matter what's there, make it work in a journal spread. ::smiles:: My magazine of choice is Martha Stewart Living's July 2006 issue.

Day 5

I'm at work!! I need to run home. Also I'll be out during the weekend. I'll have to post Day 6 & 7 upon my return. 

Since I'm prepping to do a few transfer pieces. I thought I'd play with elements again and get the feel for what I want to use for the base of my work. The attached piece is called Urban Decay, at least for now. 
It's a transfer onto canvas with acrylics and ink. 

I'm not loving it as much as I'd like. I think I need to play with more paint. I'm not feeling it... it's bad to me. 

But, it's what I did for Day 5

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Oh last thing, since I'm running late and don't have time. I'll have to comment on other submissions when I return. Can't wait to see them!! I hope that's okay. Thanks....

finding time

OK so I've done things 3 out of the 5 days... Already disappointing myself. (Hey, did I mention that I'm 7 mos. pregnant, have a soon to be 3 year old, watch a friends 15mos old and work 20 hrs. a week at B&N? No excuses though ;p) Seriously, I wish I would have thought about the keeping an actual journal. I'm really enjoying the entries.  I should have more time freeing up after today so I will hopefully get more things completed. 
Everybody's work is so inspirational that should help. I'll post something once i actually have a piece completed.

The Unfinished Project

Hello Everyone:
First, I would like to say thank you for all your replies of encouragement, suggestions, and welcoming me into this group. There are so many talented individuals in this community! Sending you another before and after. Not too happy with the results. This piece was put away and let unfinished (and still might be) because someone I looked up to and respected criticized it. Without my blending stump I am lost (although a nice elderly man in the Walmarts craft department, suggested I use a Q-Tip, just doesn't quite do the trick for me). Did buy some oil pastels and wanted to buy some watercolor pencils but money was an option and honestly it must have taken me a half hour of running back and forth deciding whether to buy them or not before I finally made my decision and put them back on the shelf for about the 2nd or 3rd time. Hope everyone is having a great day!

Be Well All,
CrystlMgck (aka "m")


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Day Five

I apologize that I have not done a better job of commenting on others' posts.  Between work, home, and producing my own works I have been pretty tapped out.  Maybe this weekend I can catch up a bit.

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day 5

i worked on more ATC's but i didn't complete any.
found a lot of images that i like, i just couldn't get combinations i like.
i feel like it takes me forever to finish just 1 ATC because i agonize over everything.

day 5 - refining the pumpkin

Backdating once again, after a typically long city day. I was working from memory, applying a bit of artistic license to a rather ordinary pumpkin.

The intense visualization work that I do as a witch has been good training for me as an artist. I find that I am able to hold images better in my mind. This isn't really the right venue to discuss that in great depth, so ask to be friended to my journal and I promise a lengthier post on that subject.