October 6th, 2007

Day Six (More to Come Later, Too.)

Here's my day six post and, yes, I *am* up this early! Nope, not complaining - it's just odd, that's all. ::smiles::

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I challenged myself to create art journal pages using random magazine pages (making them work, no matter what was on the page). I think it came out pretty good. The text reads:

You can . . . make it work!
Always challenge yourself . . . make it new once againe.
Turn your passions . . . into professions.
2013 Nano Winner

Day six drawing and article...

Yes, I did it again. Took me a while to get around to it. I've been up since eight this morning poking around online and didn't know what I was going to draw for today... but then I got the idea of drawing for another eHow tutorial:

How to Draw a Rose Easily got titled that because it started out as a much more ambitious article on "How to Draw Roses" and I was about to show everything from a simple cartoony rose to a medieval rose to a careful realistic rendering from a photo reference... and then I realized the article would run too long. So I chopped it down to just the easy charcoal rose from imagination, something like a decorative painting rose, and titled it "Easily" so I can add a later article on "Realistically" and another on "How to Draw a Medieval Rose" which is very different, takes drafting tools and looks gorgeous but nothing like what you see on Kleenex boxes.

Am I allowed to say Kleenex in a blog?

I still need to draw something with a heart or heart design in it for a DeviantART friend's challenge, so I'll have to think about that. Maybe doing a Valentines Day design out of season on a how-to article won't bite as a topic, or I can just try to draw a bleeding heart flower or something cool. Maybe I can combine these challenges.

Day 5 & 6...

Day 5

Day 5 - This started out as something COMPLETELY different ... a totally different image for which I made a frame filled with self-levelling gel (which I still have but will use for something else) but I didn't like the background colours - too washed out. So I switched to the above image. The original colours I used were Quin Crimson and Pthalo Blue, I created a grid with sharpie but the whole thinga was so far from what I was looking for that I added some Pthalo Turquoise and white to "erase" what I had done. Now it was getting that urban grunge feel that worked with the image. I smudged on some Quin Burnt Orange - yes, with my finger! - I use'em a lot! And then added the pencil eraser dots. A bit of black here and there and DONE!

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Have a good day y'all
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Day Six

I've been fascinated by propaganda art for a long time.  I've been slowly working on a couple projects of turning photos into propaganda style posters.  I know very little about the foundation of the style but it has always seemed fairly obvious that row upon row of the same item conveys an industrial power and might but the artistic process removes some of the exact detail and precision.

The shadowy shape in the lower left corner seems almost like the bad-guy/boogie-man figure representing the threat.
2013 Nano Winner

More from the 6th

I spent the evening hanging out with my family and we were all drawing during the second showing of a rented movie. I did some good quick sketches in Conte and thought I'd post these too, since they add to the total. None of them is very large.

Black Cup was just my coffee cup and sugar container on a reflective end table.

Collapse ) It was a very productive night. But I finished all of them before midnight, so they're still part of the sixth and I'll do something else for the seventh.

day 6 - time to turn the page

I think I've done as much as I want with this pumpkins and gourd still life. It kept me busy for three days.

Tomorrow I will have company in the studio. One of my neighbors also draws, and we enjoy working together. Although we chat quite a bit, it is surprising how much drawing actually gets done. I have no idea what I'm going to work on. I can always rearrange the pumpkins....