October 8th, 2007

The Weekend

Sunday I pretty much finished the cover for my altered book for a round robin that will start November 1st.  This started out as a small, white satin photo album from a wedding.  I've completely recovered it in super soft dark red faux suede.  The theme of this project was "dark" books -- my album is "Dark Hearts & Winged Things".  The bird and charms on the front were assembled from items I've collected in the past.  I glittered a piece of chipboard and put gold leaf on another to make the backing behind the bird.  I added antique lace, dark feathers, a rhinestone heart charm and fake roses to the front.  The little stars around the bird are not glued down yet.  I am not sure that's what I really want to do there...it needs something.  Ideas?

Saturday I helped my friend set up her new Etsy shop.  She is totally a non-computer user and it was pretty much like pulling teeth.  For my daily art, I created a banner for her shop.  I thought it looked really nice, but she's got strong opinions.  And since she's the shop owner who am I to argue!  So yesterday I reworked the banner based on what she wanted.  She's now got a bright red banner background with aqua lettering.  It hurts my eyes but if she makes sales, what the heck, who am I to complain!  (Hope I'm not overstepping here -- you can see the banner by searching for susansilvermanart on Etsy -- and there you can see the red background banner that she liked best...)   The banner is based on her art -- all I did was create the banner and set up the lettering.  She was still trying to cut and paste paper to make a banner, and was going to have me scan it in...so this was a major step forward in technology for her.

Friday I did some ATCs but and husband took off with the camera so early Saturday that I didn't post pictures.  I finally looked at what I'd shot and something was seriously out of whack.  I don't know what happened, but three of the four are very blurry.  Still learning about my digital...geez...almost a year and sometimes I still don't have a clue.  Anyway, here's two more of those Blue Dog ATCs...I switched paper, and the Copic markers worked much better on this stuff.


Hey MoFo's!

We're cruising right through this month and, I have to say, the art posted here so far has been delicious! I'll be around later today to comment on what I haven't commented on and to tag what hasn't been tagged yet. (wow, that was a wonky sentence) Anyway, this is already turning out to be a great month and I can't wait to see how the rest of it unfolds!

It's NOT too late to start posting! We're very flexible here, so please don't be shy. If you're just jumping in now, start your month on YOUR day one. ::smiles:: See, no real rules for getting it done. So, let's get rockin' and get some more art up!

Remember, this isn't a "finish a piece of art in one day" challenge. It's merely an "art a day challenge." Even if you're not finished, post some text or a picture about your progress. We'd love to see!

Happy arting!
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day seven... a little late

I apologize for posting late. Last night was a doozy. Collapse )
This is what I'm turning in for my assignment today, but I am definitely going to rework it. My attempted blend roll failed, so the print really ddin't come out as planned. Time for a rework!

Day Six & Day Seven

Day Six and Day Seven was spent working on Red Sonja. Art work that was a completely fun challenge to do. 
I created two ATC's. And I have to admit it was difficult. You should see all the sketches I attempted. But it was a lot of fun!  I sketched on 6th and colored in on the 7th. 

I'll post the images at the end of the week when I know House of Duck has received them. 

Thanks for the challenge!!


Day five, six and seven.

I posted this once before but I think that cyber space ate it. My apologies if this is a double post. I did a lot of work on our old farmhouse this weekend, so did not do as much art as I would like. Since I have no internet at home this would be my day 5, 6 and 7. I finished up my journal box, but forgot to take a picture. I also finished up the journal cover and back- will have to wait to bind the journal until I have the extra cash for paper. Last, I finished up my cross for my god-daughter. Sorry about the picture quality- I tried to get better pics but finally gave up. Basic nudity behind the cut.
Collapse )

Day 8 - The Week of the House

Day 8

Day 8 - I have a plethora of old images that I've bought off ebay usually themed "Strange, Odd People" or "Strange Perspectives" or "Vintage Farms" among them some odd real estate photos. This week will be the House theme. I continue to use old collages on watercolour cut to 4 x 6" then gessoed. I added some Burnt Sienna fluid acrylics, first a *swish* then back with a dry brush, adding some payne's gray to the edges. After gluing the house I outlined it with a pigma pen to ground it. I then did a direct transfer of text - a print out of a handwritten letter - to the surrounding background. To balance the house I goldleafed a circle (moon?) to the upper lefthand corner. It didn't give me the *oomph* I was looking for so I added some clear embossing powder for shine. It still didn't work for me so I added a coat of satin varnish. This seemed to unify the surface and I punched out 3 stars in an arc above the house. I added a smoodge (technical term for: applied with finger tip ;) ) of hansa yellow to both the moon and the front of the house. While I like how this looks it might be a bit TOO Somerset Studio for me. So be it!
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Day Eight Art and Article

Today was a biggie. Instead of doing a simple little drawing, I worked larger and used pastels. Instead of taking the easy way out, I used white paper and dry wash for the project in How to Draw a Butterfly in Soft Pastel, which helps if beginners only got a cheap half-stick set of beginner pastels and a normal sketchbook instead of a pad of Canson Mi-Tientes.

This group is really helping my art. I hadn't quite gotten this kind of "Southern Living" prettiness before, and I like it. So many of my former neighbors and friends in New Orleans would have liked this drawing. I miss the South...
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MOFOs Day 6 & 7: Drawing on the Couch

This weekend = turkey, wine, football, hockey and drawing.

I did these 2 little drawings to get collaged onto the project I posted last time:

I also got this little drawing done:

I intended on doing more, but I got surprisingly caught up in the games.

I'm going to go around and comment later! I owe a lot of comments :D I haven't even looked yet at everyone's weekend. I'm too tired. zzz. =)
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day 8

finished this scrapbook layout today. (times 3!)
started another layout which won't be completed until the embellishments arrive.
(i just bought on them ebay)
got some ideas for another layout, too.

day 8 - knowing when to quit

Knowing when to stop work on a piece is sometimes the harder decision than keeping on. I added very little to this page today, and am glad I was able to retain most of what I visualized it would be. There were a LOT more leaves on the original branch, but this is more eloquent.

Today's additions were a yellow ochre wash to define the contrast between branch and background. Then, I added the text in my own hand. Yesterday's font was way cool, but this is the reality of my handwriting.

The quotation is from the Pagan Serenity Prayer, and the piece is offered in support of all people in recovery.

A Long Overdo Submission

Hello Everyone:
Sorry that I have not posted in a few days. I thought it would be an easy thing to submit a piece of art work per day but am finding out it is not as easy as i thought it would be. Finally got my blending stump at of all places Staples, bought a good quantity as well. Would like to thank all of you that have offered me support as well as trying to help me as I gather supplies. Sometimes, I forget the simple tools that are available to me as well as a gift called creativity.
I am submitting an oil pastel today. I have not decided whether it is finished or not, may add a few minor details. My Companion needed to feel appreciated for His artistic talent as well, and has asked me to submit His witty drawings for your pleasure and entertainment. Until later.... Be Well All.

CrystlMgck (aka "m")

Pink Petunia