October 9th, 2007



Last night my husband wasn't home. I always try to spend some time with my dogs at night outside so they can have some excercise and since hubby wasn't home I couldn't make him watch them part of the time. By the time I came inside my art for the day was simply framing some pictures of my nieces and nephews with cool papers for my fridge door. I'm not posting pictures because they are not my children and I don't have parents permissions. I also did a bit of beading while watching Heros- my favorite show besides Lost.

Getting back on track....

So, here I am at home with the joint ties of a sick youngster and waiting on a delivery truck.  Since I'm now three days behind, I'm going to use this time to catch up.  Here's the first piece of the day.  Staying with my butterfly theme, I added a the suggestion of a shadow in the bottom right hand.  The blue tailed lizard was inspired by one I saw the other day while out on a walk.


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Day 9 (also Day 8)

Yesterday and today I've been working on this little acrylic painting on canvas board, just playing with color:

small abstract

The shapes don't thrill me but I like the impact of the contrast. More layers to come. I'd like a bit of shine and texture but the paint just keeps soaking in. I've had the board for ages, so I'm not sure if it was pretreated with anything.
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Day Nine, first drawing...

I did another eHow article, How to Draw a Siamese cat in colored Conte crayons, which I listed as "moderate" instead of "moderately challenging" because I suggested tracing and transferring the kitty photo instead of trying to sketch the cat from a photo before doing the drawing. Here's the art, another larger, cooler piece in the series...

This time I remembered to make a 150dpi version as well as the 600dpi high resolution version for DeviantART.

I got a $50 bonus offer from the editors at eHow if I do ten more articles before the 19th. I'd make that count even if I just do one every day with my drawing of the day, but I'm going to do at least one more today anyway to get ahead on it. I'll edit this post and put them under an LJ-cut if I do more, though odds are they will be easy beginner articles like "How to draw a skull" and other holiday-icon things, almost cartoonish but fun. I want to spread out the difficulty levels so expert artists don't get bored with everything being easy-beginner stuff.

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Day 9...

Day 9

... and another house. This one reminded me very much of a beach house - even though the photo was on some suburban street, Somplace U.S.A - so the background was done in aqua and blue and a touch of Hansa yellow. But of course it was too bright so I brought it down a notch or two with some payne's gray. I glued down the image and scumbled some titanium white over the textural background which ended up looking just like waves. And I *could* have left it just like that. Only it seemed to easy. Or it wasn't quite sitting right. Or my muse was having a very finicky, "I. Just. Don't. Like. It." kinda day. And because I've learned not to argue with "The Boss", proceeded to frig around with it for another ... TWO HOURS. Adding ink marks. Wiping them off. Adding different washes. Wiping them off. Added some stamped fish. Wiped them off, too. The base was getting quite muddy so I added some more titanium white to clean things up, spontaneously grabbing my ever-ready sequin waste and pushed it into the wet paint. "Ahhhh! Yes!," said the muse. And I was once more on track! We moved from a seaside feel to a house-in-the-clouds motif which was fine with me as long as we were just about done! A wash of payne's gray to settle the house in the clouds and I'm declaring this: "FINI"!

MoFo: Day Nine

I'm being pulled in fourteen trillion directions today, so I sketched when there was a break in the action:
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Tomorrow, my plan is to work on either four more collages or four more ACEOs. We'll see where the mood takes me. And, I promise, I'll be visiting each one of your posts. I've missed admiring your work A LOT as part of my daily routine.

october 9

the "yuk" (after a bit more work tonight). watercolor pencils = yuk. i don't know how to use them and found them irritating. bringing only a tiny box of stuff and finding out the needle is too fat for the yellowish beads i *really* wanted to use to stitch lace and papershreds was yuk. but i worked on it some more tonight and i guess i can now call it finished and hide it under something so i won't have to look at it.

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Day Nine

I have now surpassed 36 hours with the same sinus headache.  Work keeps me busy until well after dark so I then have to adjust to something new to create for the day.  I keep coming up with ideas and when I get there they just aren't as interesting as I remembered or something has changed and I have to punt.  This is starting to look like a theme and it wasn't intended but I keep stumbling across the weirdest places just down the street from the shots that aren't panning out.  I figure it must be a sign.....

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MOFOs Day 8 & 9

Ok I'm a little lousy, I didn't get to post yesterday. I was pretty tired, but I DID do some drawing. I ended up just crashing instead of accomplishing anything I said I'd do.

I spent most of my day drawing to make up for yesterday. I think I drew something like... 8 hours so far? hmm. I will probably take a nap and draw more lol.

On with the insect theme, I ended up drawing some beetles from a book in the library.

I started with this one, but then got kinda bored. Not sure what to do with it... then I flipped to the next page and found a guy who really interested me. He was all hairy and spotted. Fascinated by their symmetry... I think I may make a bunch of similar drawings, with some ritual theme... seams to be happening lately in my mind. I'm a little jaded lately too not helping. He has no head, I intentionally cropped it off the edge of the page. heh. I donno... I hate giving the creatures I draw heads. That's weird huh. It always makes me feel odd.

Speaking of jaded, I started this one yesterday and worked more on it tonight. I'm calling it my Angel Grinder and it makes me chuckle but its kinda sadistic. My roommate thought the moths I was drawing were creepy, but now is thoroughly grossed out by this.

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day nine

I drew Collapse )[not so]realistic sketch of my friend from memory today and accidentally left it in the printmaking studio. When I came back to get it, someone had taped a dried flower into her hair. I thought it was charming.