October 10th, 2007

2013 Nano Winner

Day 10 early post, late to bed

Hehehe, I stayed up last night and somewhere around one in the morning, I started writing again. I got a cool little idea for another eHow article, How to Understand Color Theory and Pigments" because while I found four articles on the color wheel by editors, mostly in Painting, none of them showed a color wheel. So I thought I would do a color wheel. I'll post the color wheel too under the cut, it's a nice color wheel.

But at the end after also posting the squidgy mixing charts around the pretty color wheel, posting my watercolor mixing chart and 48 color Conte color chart, I had to show pointillism, impressionistic strokes and crosshatching. So I flipped open my small sketchbook and did this:

It completely surprised me. I did pointillism by felt tip stippling years ago in very fine detail, but always just by sticking close to the color of the object and shading with near value analogous colors. This time I actually dared use complements and crazy colors and threw brown and blue into shadows on an orange and went nuts with color. And it worked. It's not my usual pointillism but it actually came out a lot better.

This challenge is getting me to actively try the stuff I never dared.

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More later when I've slept, because I'll probably do at least one more article today.

MoFo: Day Ten

Today's going to be a text-only entry. This is rare for me considering how much I love eye candy. My art focused around work in my art journal and creating pirate maps (and, unfortunatly, swords) with my five year old. I'll post pictures when our session is over. He's working with his brother and sister now, too, because they just got off their bus. Their projects are different, but still involve drawing with markers.

Day 10 ...

Day 10

... and the toughest one yet. I'm not sure if it was the actual house that kept causing me problems or where I'd situated it on the page or how it was cut out but I have spent most of today redoing and doing over every aspect of this piece. It FINALLY came together but it was a tough old slog. Frankly, I don't want to look at it anymore so suffice it to say that the background was done over at least 10 times, the circle added to and subtracted from half a dozen. The colour palette changed at least 4 times over. The feather, rusted wire and "leather" were added at the last minute and for me made this at least palatable.

october 10

numbers 4 and 5 are very similar so i am only showing this one. it is pretty simple, but i am glad to have arted *something* (mofo!) this evening. i finally admitted to my poet what is going on and why i won't watch movies any more midweek. i'm sure he thinks i am weird.

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Day Ten

This image is very unusual for me.  I would normally go to great lengths to eliminate the gate, the road, etc. but I like it because for 50 weeks a year that gate is the brightest thing in the neighborhood and the fact that it cannot STOP the leaves from changing colors, cannot STOP the vibrant yellow and orange leaves from falling, and cannot STOP winter from coming shows how impotent it really is.
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Carrying my camera

I've had a lot of trouble with Live Journal the past two days -- I am really haveing trouble loading photos.  Last night I finally just gave up in frustration after getting a lot of page error messages.  Tonight things seem better..fingers crossed. 

I've also been carrying my camera with me each morning when I walk with my dog. Thanks for that suggestion -- it's something I don't usually do just walking the neighborhood.

The colors yesterday morning were fantastic & the leaves definitely inspired the gluebook page I started working on last night: RED  

Here's a couple pictures I snapped yesterday morning.  I took new photos of the same tree today -- the colors are already different and a deeper, wine red.  And how about that sunrise?

Nothing made by me that I'm ready to post yet today, but I did sort through a stack of clippings this morning before I left for work, and hope to finish up a page or two before I head to sleep.

day 10 - I don't know what it means, yet.

When I'm not being all detached and technical, drawing something realistic, I drift into a light trance state, pick up some color, and start pushing it around the page. The rest just evolves, uncensored, from the child-self within.

Sometimes, the result relates to conscious thought. Sometimes it takes a long time to know what it means. Sometimes, years later, I am still wondering.

Day 10 - photo

Sick child + crappy day = photograph for my project today. I went down my street and took several pictures of fall color, but this was my favorite.

A colleague gave my (German) husband this guy for a Christmas gift years ago. All the people at work thought it was a great joke. We love him.

fall gnome
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day 10

another layout completed. (x3)
i spent a lot of time away from home today, so i wasn't too productive.
but, i've got another layout in the works and i just printed out a bunch of photos.
so, i'm pretty pleased with the way things are progressing on this monster of a project.
i really loved the paper on this one.
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day ten.

This is a logo sketch I made for a product called "panic pal", a device made to be attached to some small electronic device like an ipod that, when turned on, would alert emergency services with a location and information on the owner. It's basically made for people who want more security walking home at night. I'm working with several grad student electrical engineers who are actually going to make this product. It should be exciting.