October 11th, 2007


Day Ten

Yesterday was a long day. Work was very stressful and kind of horrible and I had a little arguement with my hubby- who I work with. Anyhow, by the time I made up with hubby and made dinner and did some laundry, I was in kind of a cranky mood and I think it comes out in this journal page. I wanted to do something more silly and not really meaningful in any way other than playing, but I have to say that I don't think I am finished with this page because I hate it. Usually when this happens to me in my journal I just leave it alone for awhile and go back to it later when an idea strikes me on how to fix it.
Acrylics and markers on hot press watercolor paper.
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MoFo: Day Eleven

Another text-only entry:

Today, we made pirate maps. All kinds of pirate maps, various sizes and colors. What made this project a little easier on me was the fact that I could trace the maps out of the pirate coloring book. It sort of felt like cheating, but we still added our own color through use of crayons, colored pencils and markers. They're even distressing the edges to make them look authentic! It's pretty neat! :)
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Day 11: Inktense!

Today I wrote another Moderately Challenging article and drew/painted "Harvest" while writing, for a total of about five hours of work. It came out all bright and holiday-cheery, I like it. I seem to be on a "paint for traditional Southern decor" kick lately!

The article, How to Draw a Pumpkin with Derwent Inktense pencils is a tutorial on Inktense as much as on drawing pumpkins, and I linked on the Resources to the Derwent site for the cool tutorials by Fiona Peart that they let you download for free. I love Inktense. Glazing over waterproof layers makes it so easy because the underlayers don't run!

A Rose Is A Rose

Hello Everyone:
Sorry I have not been keeping up with this. Please don't laugh at my submission today, it's all I could think of so that I could at least get something in. It's a rose made out of tacky eraser. I did not have any Play Dough handy nor modeling clay so that is what I used. I am finding it difficult to draw, paint or create the things that run through my head and I truly need to just sit down and practice because it has been such a long time since I have done this. Be well all.

CrystlMgck (aka "m")

flower head


No picture today... I am working on masks with my students and worked on the cardboard structure for a oversized dragon mask. forgot to take a picture before I left work. WIll be adding to it tomorrow. and more ladies with eyes coming soon.

october 11

just one little collage tonight. it is the end of the week and i am dragging. i just wanted to work with some pale texture and random leftover stuff tonight. the central thing is a "ghost" from an inkjet transfer. sometimes i like them better than the original. this is a good opportunity to just mess around and experiment this month. which is about all i'm good for lately!

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Day 11

My friend firinel posted a link to a yummy recipe for cream of curried cauliflower and apple soup and since I don't usually cook, this seemed like a legitimate flexing of my creative muscle. I popped down to the store to pick up cauliflower and garam masala, and bought some fresh bread too. The soup was a hit with Eric and I felt nurturing AND artisitic :-) (Thanks, Fin!!)
[edit:OH! Fin posted a link to this and I futzed with it a little bit. I pureed some silken tofu and used that instead of cream, substituted veggie stock for the chicken stock, used basil instead of chive for a garnish and threw in some cayenne pepper for extra heat and lemon juice for a little acid. It was missing a certain richness - next time I think I'd substitute one cup of broth with light coconut milk.]
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day eleven.

<just a photo reference for the reductive relief print I'll be making soon. Those are my two hands, but in the print it will be two people's hands joining together, sitting at a dinner table. I'll be sending 30 of them out with holiday cards. This is step one in the process.

day 11 - a placeholder

I didn't do much on day 11. I brushed some blue, green and white paint around on a journal spread, and left the soggy mass to dry.

It was such a damp evening that the paint wouldn't dry.

Where I want to go with this is to add some text and collage elements into layers of thin, mostly brown glaze. It's not an ideal project for artsomofo, but it's what I feel like working on.