October 12th, 2007

2013 Nano Winner

Way early on Day 12

Another article: How to Draw an Original Fantasy Map for your Fiction. I drew it and wrote it because a NaNoWriMo member asked for help learning how to draw fantasy maps on the Fantasy forum. I remembered how popular a post on doing fantasy maps was in 2000 on a big writing site and did one from scratch for the article:

I like fjords as much as Slartibaartfast does.

What's hilarious is that coming right before Nanowrimo, I might actually also use this one for this year's Nanowrimo novel. My main character's an intelligent horse. That terrain looks horrible for horses, between swamps and mountains and forests and sea voyages. So it could make the novel lots of fun and full of challenges the poor heroic critter was never meant for. No matter how smart he is, he's scared of snakes. Horses are. And swamps are so full of snakes...

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Hope you don't mind my coming in and editing in links. I did have more artworks today, they're posted at eHow and I like them even if I'm not putting them at DeviantART till I know how they respond to my query.

Gluebook, Collage and Just Letting It Be

OK...here's what I've been working on in. I like doing these little montages for posting on my Flickr photostream. The red pages aren't quite done to satisfaction, but I'm trying hard to just let it be. Stop playing around with it and go forward.

What I did to get started was sort through a big pile of clippings that I've collected. I pulled out all the reds. The theme is sort of my mental battle to put the glue in place -- I am always worrying that I will do it "wrong" and be totally dissatisfied with the results. So, wrinkles and all, here it is. I had a good time working on it. There are enough pages to do one in each color of the rainbow plus white and black.

MoFo Day 12: And so, she drew . . .

It's been a rough couple of days, so I decided to draw this morning. My first thought was to create angry art in order to purge what's been going on. Then, I decided against that and felt something more tranquil would work better . . .

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Yes, it's my comfort tree again. I do this kind of art whenever my mind is full of too many other things. It's like free writing in my paper journal before working on a larger project. I free draw this type of work in order to break me into other works later on. I still plan to create another set of 4x4's or ACEOs today or tomorrow. That idea isn't completely gone.

Day 11

Okay, I have to confess that I have nothing to show for day 11. Last night after I made dinner and cleaned up I went and laid down for a few minutes and a few minutes turned into all night. I guess I was tired. Hope everyone has a great weekend, more art from me next week.
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Day Twelve

Today is my first post with people.  I have an internal short circuit that says informal pictures of people are not art.  That only seems to apply to my own photos by the way.  I got the image I wanted, undeniably happy people.  I'm not sure it's art but it is day 12's submission.
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october 12

this evening's effort. drinking and arting are such fun.

the building in the image is from boston, where one of my daughters is in college. the head is mine, after someone decides to call a meeting at 4pm. the rose is where everything works out quite well. the rest is stuff that was lying on the messy artTable.

so now i want to go watch a film, drink more wine and eat popcorn for dinner with my poet and i am not working on my book tonight. i love weekends. the end.

Day 11 & 12...

The last couple of days have been a real struggle with this theme and I'm not sure why. Maybe the photos aren't speaking to me. Well speaking to my muse at any rate or maybe I'm trying too hard or maybe I'm just preoccupied with real life right now. Whatever the cause these two featured here were hell on earth to wrestle to the ground and frankly, today's I'm STILL not happy with. But onward and upward.

Day 11 - I haven't been using a textured plain base as with the Shoes and maybe that's causing me gried. Regardless, I laid down a thick layer of Quin Crimson with a touch of Payne's grey. The combination caused a purplish haze that I wasn't too thrilled with so once dry (by the way, I just about ALWAYS use a dryer for quick results - I'm not above letting the paint bubble too for added texture - just thought you might like to know!) I laid a piece of canvas grid over and dry brushed some gloss black over the base colour. Once that was dry I went back in with some quin crimson and titanium white. Glued down the house and the number 27 popped into my head so stencilled that in Quin Crimson. I wonder if this house's street number was indeed 27?!?

Day 12 - Double "ugh" for this one. The base started out with a combintion of sparkly copper, Pthalo Blue Green and some sort of yellow - frankly the whole creation is a blur because it headed from bad to worse to I HATE THIS to blecccchhhhhhhh! I did lines. I did swirls. I did circles. I stitched the photo onto the substrate. I added some more marks. I stencilled some squares. I covered up the swirls. I scrubbed out the lines. I peeled the top coat of the photo. I despaired. I covered up some more of the marks and added some more squares and called it a day. I still don't like it but I've run out of time. And sometimes that's what happens in art making. It ain't all roses and blue skies, folks! Just sayin'.
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day 12

i've been gone for most of the day and i'm feeling pretty tired now.
so, i won't be doing any art/scrapping tonight.
not feeling motivated to do anything at all right now.
however, i did do some work after midnight, so it was technically today.
i just didn't complete anything and i'm ok with that.
plan to do a lot of work tomorrow.
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Days 11 and 12

Text only for me tonight. Yesterday I spent some time going through my dad's old 35 mm slides to select images I like, and I'm tinkering with converting them to digital images with my scanner.

Today I didn't do much, just made a couple of sketches of new designs for cat toys for my shop.

I'm hoping to get a chance to catch up with everyone else's posts over the weekend so I can see what you're all working on. :-)