October 13th, 2007

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MOFOs Day 12: Coffee Coffee Coffee

I've been on the coffee all day. But running around town and working so that's good. I was suppose to meet up with a friend for coffee and drawing earlier today, but it didn't go as planned. I ended up sitting by myself drinking coffee and drawing for a few hours, in downtown of the city. I've been working on a dragonfly, and got a lot done:

Then I went to the studio and painted for a while, and varnished a few paintings that are going in a show Monday, but I forgot my camera so I don't have pictures. I will remember the camera tomorrow when I go out to work!

Go MOFOs! We are almost half way through the month :D
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I've hurt one of my fingers this week and just could not stand the pain last night when bending it.  So I gave my hand a rest -- just sorted through materials to try and get ready for this weekend.  My husband is gone today and tomorrow, so I have lots of free time to work on projects.  The index finger is still tender, but I will probably be working on collage so may be able to get things done.  Typing is the worst...

Here' are some of the photos I took on Thursday and Friday when walking the dog.  The barn house has been vacant for about 15 years.  It's one of the last undeveloped plots in our neighborhood -- kind of an odd building in the city.  I like the shape of the house itself and have often considered drawing it...maybe someday.

Just a note

I just want to say - the talent here is blowing me AWAY - OMG - I feel like a little kid running after the grownups! ;)  I am going to do my best to comment on everyone- so far behind. I have not been posting because I have mainly been working on cross stitch -  sometimes just a few lines in a day, so progress is slow. I have been working on something yesterday (and I'll work on it today as well) that I will post - I'll try to post today - anyway, I've been arting it up, but lazy with the posting. I just want to say that I'm SO inspired by everyone, and more than a little jealous of all the crazy talent in here!!   (I'll post day 12 and 13 in this post, so I don't post a billion times today!) 
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Day Thirteen

This is a little rough... If I'd had more time I would have cleaned it up a bit.  Right when I was getting seriuos the cops came along to close the park so I had to run off before I was finished!
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Dress Forms

DSC03010, originally uploaded by shebaduhkitty.

Today was the Washington State Art Educators Art Conference held at the International Academy of Design and Technology in South Center. Our workshop sessions were held in rooms that were like the set of project runway (which you all know I love...new season starts in Novemeber) so I had to take some photo ops of all the dress forms.

Despite how small and kinda lame the conference was, I presented on podcasting and that went super well! I connected with some other teachers and made some pottery and 'recycled trash' sculpture. BONUS the traffic was awesome both ways so it took me less than an hour there and back. which is unheard of! so overall it was a good day.

So to recap my art today included making a clay rattle, a sculpture of toilet paper tubes and tons of photography.