October 14th, 2007

Lantern and Scott's Music

A page from my journal from tonight. The note in the glass part isn't my handwriting but Scott's. At the end of the night it seemed like a good way to bring we two artists together on this page. This page of my journal is a souveniere of a great performance at the Waterwheel Cafe by Scott and the drawing done to music.

This one is both public and private. Many things came together while doing it.

Scott, if you finally find this post thank you again. Your performances have found their way to these pages of this community through my drawings. Your music is a great blessing.

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MOFOs Day 12: Paintings - Finally!

OK Here's pics of what I'm working on!

I've been basically building up thin layers of paint now:

And putting under paintings on these guys:

And I've gone and whited out a portion of this painting here because I want to incorporate another colour so I wanted to get rid of the red first:

I wanted to do more drawing, but ended up spending a lot of the day taking photos, and editing them to put into some etsy listings. Boring!! But. I got a lot of it done so hopefully I'll be able to play tomorrow (after I get some paint!)
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Photo a day

Stefny68 suggested that I try taking daily shots of the same leaves.  That actually is what I've been doing. It's interesting how the light during that part of the day, and weather conditions, affect the colors.  The leaves themselves are only subtly different, but the color and contrast varies a lot.  So, this may not be fine art created by me, but I think it's a developing discipline -- to focus on a specific aspect of my world every day...and remember to carry the camera. 

My finger was still too tender to do much yesterday.  Even drawing hurt.  As a result, I didn't get a lot done.  But I did spend a good portion of the afternoon at the flea market.  For around $30 I bought a photo album filled with over 100 fantastic 1940s pictures -- including some pictures from Nagoya and Manila in 1945 (just after those areas had been bombed), a handful of old cabinet cards & French post cards that I will either use for altering or trade, and a fantastic 1890s booklet that is falling apart (I will use that for the altered Dark Hearts book.)  Late in the evening I worked on some Zettiology ATCs that I will post later on and sorted out some clippings for today.  I was able to cut and paste fine last night, so hope today to be able to work on more truly artistic endeavors. 

Photo one below, from yesterday morning, is "the same leaves".  Photo two is some of those whirlygigs that I hardly ever see anymore...

2013 Nano Winner

Day 14 & 13 -- missed the 13th, oops...

Oh well. I have yet to succeed in doing any "write every day" or do anything every day thing, other than take my medications. Even that would be spotty if it wasn't that not taking them would leave me in sudden major pain.

I wrote an article on How to Draw Oak Bark at the request of my deviantART friend Peachfuzz, and introduced colored pen crosshatching with it. This is one of the article illos I'm not posting anywhere else till I hear back from DemandStudios, but here's the link to it. I should draw something else nice for today since this is really for yesterday's art. I wrote the article yesterday morning, edited it and drew the illos today.

Yesterday I went out to an SCA event in Missouri. I haven't been to a Society for Creative Anachronism event for years, ow, almost a decade. I loved it. But I also walked around too much from class to class and learned lots about doing scribe and illumination work, more than I expected to learn since I've been doing it on and off for over 25 years. I meant to draw the oak bark illustrations as soon as I got home, but I was wiped out by the time I made it in the door. My bad leg cramped badly, my back was out of it and my good knee was going out. So I answered a few LJ comments and then fell into bed, to do the art this morning.

Oh well. I probably never will manage a "do this every day" thing in my life, my time and deadlines are calendar measured, not day and hour. But I had so much fun I didn't mind losing a day. More art later on.
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Oct 1 - 14, book madness

book stash - good witch bad witch shop

i guess you can tell what i have been doing this month.

pictured above are several of the one of a kind handmade, hand bound books featured in the good witch/bad witch shop. the square books are 4x4 inches, and the long books are 4x8 inches.

each is hand sewn, embellished, and one of a kind. the interior covers are largely collaged with torn dictionary page bits. the covers are either of handmade paper, collaged, or hand drawn and painted. no two are identical. mmmm. book love.

for many of the square books, i used those water soluble oil pastels, which i had never used before. i am not sure how i feel about them, but i like the look of them for some things. a couple of these journals are all paper with collage elements, but those are mostly buried under the energetic drawn/painted ones. also, i started doing some japanese stab bound ones. i went a little button crazy. i think buttons are the thing for October. at least in my studio!

you can see more details of various books in my good witch bad witch flickr set. there are also some cards there which i have been working on, featuring mini watercolors.

october 14

finished some collages started yesterday. liked the 2 with the elderly lace and brown stains a LOT. still can't seem to work on one thing at a time, so have another 4 new ones in progress. yikes! no pencam book today. but walked around and photographed a bunch of doors, too. and grocery shopped.
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Day Fourteen

It's funny what Sundays do to me.  Last Sunday was the first 'location' for a photo based comic/graphic novel for me.  Today turns out to be the set for the second chapter or story line.
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day 14

worked on some pages after midnight.
and then finished this Splash page rather quickly earlier tonight.
think i might give the scrapbook a bit of a rest, at least for a few days.
i think i might be a little scrapped out. time to do something else.
(i'm sure some of you are tired of seeing scrapbook pages!)
2013 Nano Winner

Day 15 Photo

I'm writing an article on "How to Paint a Flat Wash in Watercolor" though it'd work the same for doing a flat wash in thinned acrylic. Once the article's done I'll edit this entry and put in the link to the article. I got my 23d article done yesterday, on living with mobility limits. So the $50 bonus is mine now, all I need to do is six more articles with, essentially, disposable art until I hear back about the contract. Hopefully they'll amend it and I can send in articles with good art to them.

I took five photos of my watercolor supplies to get a good one for the article. I'll reuse that one in other watercolor articles too, no sense bothering to redo it for "How to Paint a Graded Wash in Watercolor," etc. I can stretch watercolor painting into four or five useful articles at least, with different methods and tricks. Each of which is worth an article, imo. Because I listed this Flat Wash article as Moderate, not Easy. I was very tempted to make it Moderately Challenging because getting washes right is a huge pain for me. It doesn't matter how well I can draw. Washes are horrible to get perfectly smooth. Wet into wet is a bit unpredictable and fun, but flat washes without light and dark areas, or smooth graded washes are hard to get just right!

I am waiting for a line of masking fluid to get perfectly dry so that I can scan my watercolor block and show that step.

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Edit: did another article while watching paint dry. How to Draw Foliage with Chiaroscuro" is Moderately Easy for anyone that's got colored Conte crayons around to do it with. Or Nupastels or soft pastels for that matter, I just like doing these in colored Conte crayons and do the demos with the little set so anyone who likes the articles only has to get the trial size to do the art.

Edit: At last finished How to Paint a Mountain Scene in Watercolor which came out pretty good. You can see it behind the LJ-cut. I put another image of it (Duh!) and should probably start using lighter images on eHow anyway so they're easier for the eHow software to mangle.