October 15th, 2007

Day 13 & 14

Because of a busy race weekend the final 2 of the past week’s house theme are all posted together. Thankfully, Day 13 & 14 ended up being a bit easier - and certainly more likeable (by me at any rate!) - to complete. *phew*

Day 13 - I knew I wanted some text as the background for this one, so after a swipe of Titanium White - acrylics are much better with a direct transfer than just gesso because of its glossier/plastic nature - I did a direct transfer with a page of text which of course means the text is reversed. I like the figurative effect this gives to a piece as the eye immediately figures out it can’t read it and simply becomes part of the layers. I added a very dry scumble of white over top to soften the text as well as obscure any areas where the page colour came with the transfer - this often happens with older, matte book pages. I use a heat gun to dry my paints - I am a very impatient artist! - but it also bubbles the paint which gives more lucious texture. I glued down the photo and then added some dry brushed Quin Gold and black to bring up the bubbled paint. An inked circle with dotted lines and a few more inked circles and I was done. I really like this one!

Day 14 - I used a wash of Quin gold and Dioxazine Purple for the background then swirled on some full strength colour with a credit card. I like the way the card catches the high points leaving the low points alone. The photo had very strong horizontal lines - TOO horizontal for me - so I decided to cut the ‘canvas’ in thirds by using copper tape at the top and bottom of the image. The tape was too shiny and bright so I applied patina to cut it. Unfortunately, in the process I got some on the photo itself. Guess what? Patina eats emulsion! Ah well. Everything in the art process is a "happy" accident, right?!? I had been going toward a less grungey look but because of the "wrecked" photo now had to play up that effect. I troweled on some titanium white to either side of the photo, leaving some thicker, textural areas. With dry brush and index finger layered on some Quin Burnt Orange and black to age the side pieces. Stripes of Quin Burnt Orange finished the piece.

This is the last of my house themed pieces. I’ll be working with Chairs for the next 7 days.

These weeks are flying by!

And everyone is doing so great! I'm amazed daily at the talent pouring into my inbox because, yes, I track this community. It's the obsessive compulsive side of me that prompted that decision. :)

Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't been around to comment much on entries in the past few days - trust me, I'm checking them out and I'm arting on my own. Things have been VERY chaotic over here!!

I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of the month turns out. How's everyone coming along with their goals, if there were any in place that is. I've managed to keep up with some and edit some out.

Happy arting!!!

Wednesday through sunday

So I didn't have a whole lot of time for my normal type of art these past 5 days, as I went to New Jersey for a friends birthday...but hey, photography is an art as well, obviously! (though not one I'm the best at, especially with my craptastic camera)

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There's no way I'm going to get caught up on commenting, between this and my regular journal, but I've definitely enjoyed what I've seen from y'alls weekend so far!

Day 15

I'm lagging a bit. Spent the weekend sick with a cold so I didn't do much. My main goal with ArtSoMoFo was to work on different types of creativity than the stuff I do for my Etsy shop, but I wasn't up to anymore more than a bit of sewing on the couch while re-watching Firefly. Here's what I worked on. It's a new cat toy--a mustached squid.


Week of Chairs

Day 15 - The base of these pieces remain the same - previous collage on watercolour paper that have been cut to 5 x 4" size and gessoed. I also added a coat of Golden’s Absorbent Ground (Canvas) with textural elements pressed in. Gluing down the magazine image, I realized the colour of the chair was almost exactly the shade of an"Old Paper" ink pad I have. I rubbed that over the textured background hitting the highlights, leaving the lowlights the colour of the canvas ground. I rubbed the chair image with a damp cloth to really press it into the background thereby bringing up the honeycomb texture through the paper. I love magazine images for this! It’s so easy to incorporate them into a collage piece as the image colours can be feathered into their surroundings so easily. Yum! A scumble of dry brushed Payne’s Gray, wiping off to create a soft cloud effect finished the piece off. I’m in love with this one!

october 15

sluggish and mondayish tonight. plus we ate too much carbohydrate for dinner ... sundried tomato pesto ... mmmmm. so i have piddled with some collages tonight and put some paint on the pencam book pages. nothing interesting to show with the book. i am feeling a little bored with the collages, but i rather liked this one.

there are three others similar, using inkjet transferred patterns, glazes, photos of cemetery ladies (mine), doilies, sequins & beads and other random things. the others are still in progress. all of the numbers are starting to get out of whack now, but i am assuming i will end up with 31 by the end of the month!

day fifteen - a beginning

Today I'm working on the sketch for a portrait of my cat Amber. I have a hectic and uncertain week ahead of me, so this may have to go on hold for a few days. I need to figure out what I'm doing with the portrait anyway. I'm way out of my comfort zone with acrylics, but it is a project I've wanted to do for a long time.

Since the sketch was such a basic little nothing, here's a bonus for you. This is the working are in my studio at the Aerie. It's a total mess, as usual.

As usual, click on the thumbnails to see the mid-sized view, and click on that for a much larger view.
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day 15

i finished this postcard and a journal page.
i'm not feeling so hot, so i don't expect to do much more tonight.
tomorrow is going to be a long, exhausting day, so i don't expect to do much tomorrow either.
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Busy, busy, busy

Hello Everyone:
Bet you all thought I dropped off the face of this earth since I haven't posted in days. No, just been busy, lol. Started a part-time job today. I've only been looking for a job since I relocated here to Milford in February, so it's about time!
Been working on this for a few days now, so it's not finished, yet. I want to color it in but I am afraid to try my hand at water colors yet, so I might finish it in oil pastels. I'm not a very good drawer, so it takes me a long time to get a piece the way I want it to be, thus the lack of confidence in doing the coloration since I am afraid I will ruin my artwork! Well, must be going, be well all.

CrystlMgck (aka "m")

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