October 16th, 2007

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MOFOs Day 14

Time is irrelevant to me right now.. I'm getting my days screwed up. LOL.

Here's Sundays stuff:

Slowly been working on these:

And gessoed over these 2 old paintings so I can try at them again. The one on the left has releif with molding paste, but I didn't like the composition, so I'm going to rework it:

Otherwise, I've just been working on images for etsy. I'll try and get those up later today!

I have been running off of little random cat naps since for over 36 hours now. :|
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It ain't much but it's what I have for the day

 We moved back to Georgia from the Caribbean in the midst of a terrible drought.  Because one of the things I missed most about living in the states was the kind of flowers you can grow here, I started a perrenial garden immediately and diligently followed the watering restrictions.  Now we are at the point where outdoor watering is prohibited so I'm using grey water.  I made a sign to display in my garden as a reassurance that we're are still following guidelines.......

Being possesed of a worry-wart gene, I woke up several times in the night worrying about what the neighbors think.  Maybe now I'll be able to sleep!

Chair #2...

Day 16

Day 16 - Inspired by a piece that judywatt did yesterday, I chose the photo that had the most neutral palette so I could play with black & cream today. I started with a layer of Burnt Umber, then Cream (my cheapo "folk art" bottle paint), then Quin Gold for my base.

I then glued on the magazine image. I layered in some Titanium White with my palette knife, including a strip between the two images. I dried with my heat gun creating the bubbles around the circular texture and along the left side.

I then began to alternate between washes and thicker paint, washing off with my ever ready cloth leaving only traces of each colour. The circle wasn't prominent enough so I heated with the gun and re-applied the circle (ie. stuck my tape dispenser circle into the paint and whacked it with my hammer) and added some more texture using my plastic mesh grid (same method - heat'n'whack!) particularly between the images as the strip was looking too obvious.

Continued to add and subtract colour until just the right worn quality was achieved. The right side of the image looked a little lopsided so I stamped in the word "sit" with my kiddy stamp set and Tim Holtz's Walnut Ink pad.

I like this one too! :)

Days 12 - 16

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On Day 12 I made nothing more than some art-ish photos of the early morning sun on some dried weeds in our kitchen. Day 13, I made my first lasagna and if you read my journal, you already know way more about THAT. Day 14, I glued a bunch of found papers into my journal, creating the backgrounds for four journal spreads. Day 15 was a few self-portraits at The Excavation, which didn't turn out the way I planned. Today I actually made some recognizable art - this journal page and the beginnings of a painting on a bracket fungus. All these and more are on my flickr page, should you be so inclined...

october 16

this is already feeling like a long week. bleh. worked later than usual tonight, trying to work through some grumpiness. not exactly successful, but got lots done, not lots i liked however. finished preparing more pencam book pages but too tired to scan them all tonight. worked on more little collages but they were too scummy and wet to finish, so finished another of the stone lady collages.

ps - even though i like to use a lot of religious iconography and much of my work seems to have an altarish feel, i have no religion beyond art and the golden rule. more or less, anyway.
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MOFOs Day 14: Sleepyhead Figures

Forced myself awake to go to figure drawing. I had a hard time staying with it throughout the night heh.

Afterwords, I was pretty sure I'd go home and sleep, but I couldn't for more than 3 hours. From there on, I've just been running off of the occasional hour long power nap. At this point, I've been awake for 50 hours with maybe 6 hours in napping time. hrm.

I'm amazed that I am still with it enough to write this post coherently :)

Today (the 15th) there will be no art from me. I spent the entire day doing more of the business side of the art, instead of actually creating. I met with a gallery owner, and he took some of my work. I will now be selling through his shop. He's putting one of my large paintings in his storefront, which will be viewable on a very busy street here in town.

Otherwise, my day consisted of just more scanning, inventory, and typing.

I also listed a bunch of paintings in my ETSY shop. I will have to make advertisements for them tomorrow and spam the internets. I tried to make the photos as professional as possible - from different angles showing the painted sides, the signature, on the nice clean backgrounds (ok I admit, I just photographed them placed on a sheet of stonehenge... I don't have walls anywhere near clean enough to photograph work on!). I think they are ok - let me know what you think!
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Day 16 -- Progress on Trade Art for lilcrabbygal

Tonight my Deviant friend ziza-66044 came over with her son William for our weekly Tuesday night art jam. Instead of working on art for an article, I picked up the second piece of trade art for lilcrabbygal which was sitting around underpainted but not drawn on. I finally decided on Faber-Castell Polychromos for the colored pencils to use -- they get very fine points for details like Prismacolor Verithin but I have 120 colors with many blues, greens and neutrals. So here is today's progress on "Grandmama at Tathra" ...

The sky, the tree, the sea and the lady's face are pretty much done, though I may tweak a little if I notice things. I simplified the tree from the photo reference a lot, and I think it looks better. Hope it's reasonably accurate for that sort of tree though! lol

I feel so good about getting this far on this one. I spent a long time at it and it's coming out well. I did not relish the thought of maybe having to start over...
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Day Sixteen

I went on an expedition on my lunch break and the subject matter I had in mind was all good but the light, foot traffic, etc. were not right.  I didn't get out of work until late and I knew once I walked in the door I would not go back out so I drove around looking and checking previous ideas.  I found another daytime shot (that's 4, I should start a list!) but for an hour and a half I found nothing.  Then, as I took a side street to turn around I saw this image from the opposite side.  It was bad from that side but I could tell this side would be great.  I parked in a suspicious location and made my way to the murky, cringing shadows to take the picture only to realize that I did not have the plate to mount my camera on my tripod for what would be a 6 second exposure..... I MacGyver'd it (sp?) and it worked.  I hope you like it.
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day 16

i'm so tired, i can't really concentrate.
so i haven't really done much art today.
no sense in trying to force it.
especially considering how much i have accomplished this month so far.